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Apple employees to return to offices later than expected

Apple is going to begin bringing all of its employees back to it offices in April via a hybrid in-office/remote work schedule. When the company initially announced that it wanted to introduce the hybrid work environment, it projected that its employees would once again be back at their desks on February 1, 2022. As February came and went without an update from the company in that regard, it seemed questionable if Apple employees would ever be getting back to their work lives as they were once known.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO, confirmed that the offices would indeed be reopening in April in a companywide email shared with The Verge. Starting on April 11, the company will begin phasing in its hybrid schedule where employees will come into the offices starting with just one day a week and ramping up from there. Cook expects all staff to be coming in three days a week by May 23 while allowing those who want to come in more frequently options to do so.

The email addresses concerns regarding the wearing of facial coverings in the offices. It also says that “most, if not all of Apple’s U.S. sites will revert to being mask-optional over the next few weeks,” citing the decline in COVID-19 cases as reasoning for this move. Cook says that Apple will be continuously monitoring the pandemic environment and make changes if need be, but remains optimistic for the company’s future of in-person work.

Cook says that Apple is “looking forward to learning as we go and adjusting where we need to.” It’s a statement that is all well and good, but still a little worrying for those who are high-risk COVID-19 individuals. While the email reassures workers that Apple is committed to “support and flexibility,” it doesn’t mention those who are still unable to take the risks associated with going back into offices and meeting with co-workers in person.

You can read the full email as it was shared with The Verge.

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