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The iPhone 14 may keep its distinctive notch for yet another year despite rumors

Apple’s iPhone 14 was earlier reported to be coming with a hole-punch display, as per reports from the Ming-Chi Kuo and the somewhat reliable Jon Prosser. While that was the plan, a new report says that the iPhone 14 is unlikely to keep the hole punch and will be retaining the notch instead.

The report comes from a Weibo account spotted by MacRumors. The same account had previously predicted the announcement of the 9th-generation iPad at Apple’s California streaming event, earning it some credibility. In this, Apple will not be swapping the notch for a hole punch as previously reported but will be shrinking it further. The iPhone 13 is already out with a smaller notch than the iPhone 12, and Apple going further with this would not be out of the pattern.

iPhone 13 Face ID .
Dan Baker/Digital Trends

There are both practical and branding reasoning for Apple to keep the notch rather than opt for a hole punch. The True Depth camera system requires physical space if Apple intends to keep Face ID. Yes, Apple could compromise on it and finally switch to an under-display fingerprint sensor, but why would it if it hasn’t hurt so far? In addition, the notched design is a physical sign that a phone is an iPhone. It’s a distinctive outline that is as instantly recognizable as the previous single home button design. Apple could change it to look more generic — but why would it?

While Android owners may prefer the notch-less design of some of the best Android phones, it’s clear that the notch has not impeded Apple’s sales in any serious fashion. In fact, the c0mpany has sold more phones than ever before as more customers opt for iPhones — notch and all.

If Apple wants to keep its Face ID system or opt for an in-display fingerprint sensor (or even both, as Google is said to be doing), it may not mind holding on for another year. Its customers certainly don’t.

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