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It took a lawsuit for Apple to consider an iPhone repair center in Russia

Apple iPhone 6S
Jessica Lee Star/Digital Trends
If you are an iPhone user who lives in Russia, you have a lawsuit to thank if Apple decides to open an iPhone repair center there, Apple Insider reports.

Russian resident and iPhone owner Dmitry Petrov originally launched his lawsuit not only against the Cupertino-based company, but also against Apple Stores and service companies. Petrov damaged his iPhone screen and found that, because there is no iPhone repair center in Russia, his options to repair the screen were extremely limited — Apple devices that have a damaged screen are neither fixed or replaced, according to letters reported by The Moscow Times. However, customers are issued new devices from service centers if their previous devices break down.

For his part, Petrov refused to have an outside provider exchange his already warrantied iPhone, have the device exchanged for a new one, or have an outside center service the phone for up to $469 in extra fees.

As such, Petrov accused Apple of violating consumer protections laws, since the company did not provide a means to acquire spare parts for repairs. As a result of the lawsuit, Apple is reportedly considering building an iPhone repair center in Russia, which could reportedly cost the company anywhere between $1 million and $2 million.

The reason why it is a pricey venture is fixing an iPhone’s screen is not as simple as just replacing the screen, according to the letters. Apple will need to utilize “big and expensive equipment” in order to conduct what is reported as a complex calibration procedure, a procedure that needs access to iOS.

As costly as it may be, building an iPhone repair center might be Apple’s ticket to increased market penetration in Russia. As things stand now, Apple has 17 percent of the Russian phone market. Building an iPhone repair center will theoretically increase brand loyalty, since Apple will have created a complete cycle of iPhone care and production that the company oversees from beginning to end. Having customers know that they are taken care of by the company that made their products will push them more toward that company, thus increasing the number of customers.

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