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Apple media event on Sept 7? Probably not

apple-logoIf you stop what you’re doing for a moment and listen carefully, you’ll probably be able to hear a very familiar noise. That’s right, it’s the sound of the Apple rumor mill cranking up again.

Yesterday the web was buzzing with reports of the date for Apple’s regular fall event, with Japanese technology site Kodawarisan (via MacRumors) claiming it would be taking place on September 7.

But within hours, people’s attention was being directed toward another site (and another rumor), this time The Loop, which said its sources claimed no Apple event would be taking place on that day.

“It’s hard to say how that specific date was chosen by the sites that started the rumor, other than it fits into the timeline of previous Apple events,” Jim Dalrymple wrote on The Loop’s website.

Apple’s annual fall gathering usually sees new announcements regarding the Cupertino company’s range of iPods, but there’s a chance this year (well, there’s a rumor going about) that the company will unveil a new iPhone at the same time.

The latest blog to throw a rumor into the ring is TiPb. An unnamed source apparently told the site’s Rene Ritchie that a new iPhone could be launched on October 7. “That’s a Friday, which isn’t uncommon for iPhone launches,” writes Ritchie. He adds, “We’re still hearing that an ‘iPhone 4S’-style device, with improved processors and optics, is more likely than an all new [iPhone 5] design.” That would be a huge disappointment to those who’ve been waiting patiently for a major refresh of Apple’s popular phone. The iPhone 4 was released more than a year ago.

But look again at what Rene Ritchie writes – he says that a new iPhone “could go on sale October 7 in the US” – which means a September announcement still isn’t out of the question. Apple has, after all, held its fall media event in the first half of September for the last three years. Event in September – in the shops a month later? Oh wait, we don’t want to start another rumor here….

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