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Apple to unveil iPhone 5 on September 7?


Rumors out this morning indicate that Apple may hold its annual fall event on September 7, less than a month away. This news, which comes via Japanese technology website Kodawarsian, has (of course) sparked wild speculation that we might finally know when Apple plans to reveal its next-generation iPhone.

Now, ordinarily, Apple’s fall event is reserved for iPod announcements. Interestingly, we haven’t heard much at all about new iPods this year. So far, the rumors have consisted of a possible new white version of the iPod touch, and a new iPod nano that has a built-in camera.

What we would guess the lack of iPod news means, at the very least, is that Apple plans to debut the iPhone 5, or whatever it might be called.

Traditionally, Apple has unveiled the new iPhone at its Worldwide Developers Conference, which takes place in June. This year, however, the company focused entirely on its upcoming iOS 5 mobile operating system, with a particular emphasis on iCloud, and the iPhone was nowhere in sight.

Since Apple missed its standard iPhone reveal date, we in the tech press have been in a fury to figure out when, exactly, Apple will show off its fifth-generation iPhone. But, more or less, the rumors have put launch date somewhere around September, give or take a month. That’s likely due to the fact that Apple has held its fall event on between September 1 and September 9, for the past three years.

At last year’s fall event, Apple announced the new iPod touch, the multi-touch iPod Nano, iPod shuffle and the $99 Apple TV.

While we believe it highly likely that Apple will release the iPhone 5 (or its equivalent) during its fall event  — which may or may not happen on Sept. 7 — it’s also been said that Apple has not one, but two new iPhones in the works, as well as the iPad 3, all of which could potentially come out at this event. But we wouldn’t bet on it.

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