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iPod Touch

iPod Touch

How did the iPod Touch hang on for this long?

Apple discontinued the iPod Touch on Tuesday, thus ending the iconic iPod line. How did it stay alive for so long despite being overshadowed by the iPhone?
iOS 12

How to get iOS 12 on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

how to turn off in-app purchases

How to turn off in-app purchases in iOS

everything apple announced at wwdc 2019 ios 13

How to download iOS 13 on your iPhone or iPod Touch

episode 139 ipod touch

Digital Trends Live: iPod touch update, robotic pets, cyborg botany, and more


Boasting only a faster processor, Apple hopes new iPod Touch will lure AR gamers

iPod Touch

What year is this? Apple might drop a new iPod tomorrow

play it again apple is the ipod coming back touch

Beta code for iOS 12.2 hints at 4 new iPads, iPod Touch upgrade

more colors storage and apple music for newly refreshed ipod touch

Apple may be developing a new iPod Touch to woo younger users

New iPod Nano

Apple streamlines iPod lineup, says goodbye to the Nano and Shuffle

will apple ever kill the macbook stock 2

Would Apple dare kill the MacBook? Yeah, it might

ios 10 2 1 update png

Patching vulnerabilities is the name of the game for iOS 10.2.1 update

apple lawsuit california applecare broken iphone

Dissatisfied iPad owners take Apple to court over AppleCare+

According to a recent lawsuit, the 'refurbished' devices sent to replaced damag'd ones under AppleCare+ are not functionally equivalent to "new."
mac webcam hacking vulnerability facetime

Here comes yet another patent infringement lawsuit against Apple over FaceTime

Straight Path Group filed a lawsuit against Apple, alleging its patents were infringed by the Cupertino company's FaceTime.
iPod Touch

More colors, more storage, and more Apple Music for newly refreshed iPod Touch

Apple revamped the iPod Touch with a 64-bit A8 processor, new camera, and fun color options.The iPod Shuffle and Nano were not upgraded, except in color.
play it again apple is the ipod coming back touch

Play it again, Apple: Is the iPod coming back?

Three years after its last major update, is the iPod Touch about to get a refresh? Insider sources suggest Apple could have something in the pipeline.
iPod Touch 5-megapixel camera

iPod Touch lives! Apple revamps 16GB model with a camera and $200 price

apple iphone 5 review: comparison to iphone 4

These devices won’t make the jump to iOS 8

If you're holding on to old Apple devices, you might not be able to get iOS 8 when it's released. Check this list to see if your device will be supported.
iPod Space Gray Range

Apple ditches black color scheme across iPod range, replaces it with new Space Gray

best ipod touch games thumb

Best iPod Touch games

best ipod touch apps fp

The best iPod Touch apps

We bring you our picks for the best iPod touch apps on the market today after digging through Apple's massive library.

Apple fans in Japan hit with hefty iDevice price hikes

New 16GB iPod Touch is yours for $230, but you’ll have to make do without a rear camera

Backup your photos to Amazon! Cloud Drive Photos for iOS is here with automatic uploads

Building on its Cloud Drive business, Amazon released a new app that will make it easy for iPhone users to automatically sync their photos to the cloud.

Facebook-connected ‘Angry Birds Friends’ now available on Android and iOS

The Facebook-connected Angry Birds Friends is now available on the App Store. Play against your friends on Facebook with daily and weekly updates.

Siri is a secret spy! It reports your dirty questions back to Apple

Apple recently confirmed that questions asked to Siri are stored by the company for two years.

Best iPod accessories

Of all the crazy, creative, and useful iPod accessories out there, here are the products we think are deserving of being labeled the best.

Best free iPod Touch games

The girl with the olive headphones: Urbanears launches colorful headphones to break the winter blues.

Swedish headphone manufacturer Urbanears adds three fresh new colors to an already dense palette of options for spring.
nfl football apps iphone ipod touch ipad android windows phone

Best NFL Football apps


Skype plans on providing free Wi-Fi in NYC on New Year’s Eve

Apple iPhone 5-years-old

Apple applies for patent concerning face recognition on iOS devices


Apple in talks to buy Israeli flash memory company Anobit for $400M-500M: report

iPhone VooMote Zapper Remote

VooMote Zapper dongle lets you control your home theater with an iPhone, iPad