David Nield

David Nield

Dave is a freelance journalist from Manchester in the north-west of England. He's been writing about technology since the days of Windows
95 and the Pentium processor, and you can find his work on a variety of different tech sites. Outside of the world of apps and gadgets he
enjoys long walks in the countryside and the occasional game of football (also known as

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Sony’s e-ink FES Watch goes on sale this week

Sony is launching its popular e-ink watch in Japan this week. The FES watch was the first project on the company's internal crowdfunding site, reaching its target goal within a few days and leading to more successful watch projects.
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Watch US astronaut Scott Kelly haunt the ISS for Halloween

It's not all scientific experiments and space walks up at the ISS — record-breaking astronaut Scott Kelly has also had time to 'haunt' the spaceship and capture the prank on video.

First details of the Windows 10 Redstone update leak out

Windows 10 users will be getting a major update delivered to their computers next summer, according to reports — with new features for switching between desktops, laptops and mobiles.

Instagram launches new video channels to challenge Snapchat

Instagram is taking on Snapchat and Twitter again with a new curated set of video channels. The channels are going to be available for 24 hours each, focusing on specific events and holidays.

Facebook testing a Local Markets feature to rival Craigslist

If you've got something to sell, you can go to eBay, Craigslist, Amazon, Etsy, and many other places on the Web to do just that — and now Facebook is working on something similar too.

Google launches a new app to find out Who’s Down

Find out who's around and who's available right now with the latest app from Google — although right now you need to be a college student in the U.S. to be able to log in and make use of it.