Facebook’s Medium-style Notes upgrade is now rolling out

facebook rolls out its notes upgrade to encourage more blogging before and after
It’s a busy weekend for upgrades to your favorite social media services: Twitter is testing a new polling feature and Facebook is rolling out its upgraded Notes tool, a change the platform previewed last month. If you think the new Notes looks a lot like Medium, you’re absolutely right — the designers responsible for the lightweight blogging service were hired by Facebook at the start of the year.

“We’re rolling out an update to make notes on Facebook more beautiful and customizable,” explains Facebook’s Isaac Salier-Hellendag. “Notes are now an even better way to write a longer post and share with anyone — whether it’s a small group of friends or everyone on Facebook.” If you’re stuck for inspiration, Facebook suggests writing a recipe or a recap of your summer vacation for your friends to read.

As you can see from the before and after shot above, Notes now has a better variety of text formatting options, and users get the option to add a larger cover photo at the top of the post. Photos inside the text can be captioned and resized, and headers, block quotes, and bulleted lists are all supported. Notes can be created on the desktop site but only viewed on mobile, at least for the time being.

Head to facebook.com/notes to see if you’ve been upgraded to the new format (and to see notes left by your friends) — if you don’t see the upgrade in your account already, it should be along soon. With some 1.49 billion people using Facebook every month it’s already doing rather well in the social media stakes, but that doesn’t mean Mark Zuckerberg and his team are going to stop adding new features, whether that’s a prettier blogging tool or 360-degree video support.

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