Cortana won’t arrive on the Xbox One until 2016

Windows 10 Cortana menu
Greg Mombert/Digital Trends

Microsoft’s Cortana app won’t be making the jump to the Xbox One until 2016, according to the company’s Larry Hryb (aka Major Nelson). The digital assistant had previously been expected to arrive in the major software for the console update scheduled for November.

That update is still happening — and Microsoft continues to add more beta testers to the new Windows 10-powered Xbox One experience — but Cortana won’t be part of the mix this year unless you’re one of the early testers of the software. “For those who have asked about Cortana, our plan is to add Cortana to the Xbox One experience preview later this year,” says Hryb. “From there, we’ll ensure that the experience is tuned for gamers before we officially launch Cortana in 2016.”

Microsoft wants its digital assistant to follow you everywhere you go, hence its expansion from Windows Phone to Windows 10 desktops, Android, and iOS. After all, there’s no point putting reminders and important information in Cortana if the app isn’t around when you need it.

With Windows 10 code making up the core of the next Xbox One update, Cortana integration was a natural progression, and Microsoft has already shown off how the new app will work in several demos. It’s not certain what’s caused the delay but it sounds like it needs some tweaking before it’s ready for millions of gamers to start playing around with.

The new update due next month pares down the home screen interface, adds a trending section (to show off content popular on the Xbox network) and makes media content easier to navigate around. It’s also going to mark a broader roll-out for the backwards compatibility feature that lets you play a selection of older Xbox titles on the latest generation hardware. A revamped Xbox app for Windows 10 is also in the works.