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Ian White

Ian White

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Ian has been a full-time A/V journalist since 1999, covering the world of high-end audio, video, music, and film for Digital Trends, Big Picture Big Sound, ToneAudio, and SoundStage! With the original Pong, Atari, and 128K Mac in his basement, Ian brings a lifetime of tech curiosity to his writing. A professional foodie, father of 3 children, film fanatic, and amateur hockey player, Ian enjoys early morning runs along the Jersey Shore and surfing with his kids. Follow him on Twitter @filmfresser or email him at

Polk Audio Atrium Sat30

Outdoor Speakers 101: How to make your neighbors hate you all summer long

Our guide to outdoor speakers offers insight and tips to streamline your forthcoming outdoor sound project. From speaker choices to wiring, we cover it all.

CE Week 2013: Toshiba takes a flying leap into 4K Ultra HD with 3 models coming this summer

Even with no 4K content or sources available for purchase, Toshiba is betting hard on 4K Ultra HD with 3 models coming available within months.

CE Week 2013: Monitor Audio takes on NAD with the Airstream A100 integrated amp

Monitor Audio is in attendance at CEWeek showing off its new $500 Airstream A100 integrated amp which sports AirPlay, DLNA and high-quality 24/96 DACs.
ce week 2013 aereo ceo chet kanojia will not be deterred headshot

CEWeek 2013: How Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia wants to democratize cable television

Aereo CEO Chet Kanojia sat down with CEA President and CEO, Gary Shapiro during CEWeek to discuss big media, lawsuits and his plans to press forward

CE Week 2013: First impressions of the Sharp 70-inch 4K Ultra HD TV

4K Ultra HD is beginning to roll out at a frantic pace, but even with great-looking sets like Sharp's 70-inch LC-70UD1, will consumers bite?

CE Week 2013: Pioneer launches a suite of Elite series A/V Receivers, including one with support for HDBaseT

Support for HDBaseT is gathering strength and Pioneer is the first to offer an A/V Receiver that supports the format: the $3,000 Elite SC-79.

CE Week 2013: Pioneer launches Andrew Jones-Designed SP-SB23W Speaker Bar with wireless subwoofer

Pioneer's new $400 SP-SB23W Speaker Bar designed by Andrew Jones is an all-out attempt to redefine entry-level in the sound bar category.

David versus Goliath: HDBaseT challenges HDMI to become the HD pipeline of the future

HDMI has a firm foothold as the cable for choice for HD media transmission, but HDBaseT aims to take over, and it might just pull it off.
TK Theaters Super Rich Home Theater

Recreating yesterday’s opulent movie palaces at home, with today’s tech

Some call Theo Kalomirakis the grandfather of the high-end home theater. We look at some of his work and discuss what goes into a $1,000,000 home theater.
the videophile system builder ii taking a pass on ultra hd 4k for now lg 60lm7200 lifestyle

The Videophile System Builder II: Take a pass on 4K Ultra HD with these superior systems

Ultra HD 4K may be the next new thing, but we still think these fantastic 1080p home theater systems are a better investment for the next few years.

Songbird to shutter its cage door June 29th

The Songbird media player and its music services will no longer be available as of June 29th, according to a recent statement from CEO, Eric Wittman.

The Videophile System Builder: HDTVs and soundbars for apartment dwellers

This week the Videophile system builder focuses on three excellent pre-configured systems at or under $2500.

Cambridge Audio bows super-affordable MInx Go portable Bluetooth speaker

Cambridge tosses its hat into the portable Bluetooth speaker ring with the $150 Minx Go, said to play music for up to 18 hours on a single charge.
omega speaker systems super 3t review front speakers

Omega Speaker Systems Super 3T Desktop Review

Definitive Technology SoloCinema XTR Review

The Audiophile System Builder V: 21st Century systems from NAD, Dynaudio, and PSB

Assembling a 21st century high-end audio system for only $5,000 has never been easier thanks to the folks at NAD, PSB, and Dynaudio.

Cambridge Audio Minx Air 200 Review

Cambridge Audio does Airplay and Bluetooth with its new Minx Air wireless speakers

Cambridge Audio has unleashed its Minx Air series of AirPlay and Bluetooth-enabled loudspeakers. All 3 are built like tanks and ready to rock.

Sherbourn is back: Check Out the SR-8100 7.1 Channel Receiver

Sherbourn Technologies Pro-caliber SR-8100 7.1 A/V receiver has more than enough bells and whistles for a 2013 home theater set-up for about $800.
Back Yard Theater

Amaze your friends and annoy your neighbors with your own backyard theater

An outdoor home theater can be a really fun DIY project. Check out our guide to setting up the ultimate outdoor entertainment system.
rebirth of a legend the nad d 3020 puts new spin on classic ampliifer d3020 featured

Rebirth of a legend: The NAD D 3020 puts a new spin on a classic ampliifer

Designed for a new generation, the NAD D 3020 Digital Hybrid Amplifier is a modern spin on one of the most beloved amplifiers of all time.
the benefits of trickle down technology nad d 7050 network receiver 3020 featured

The benefits of trickle down technology: NAD shows off new gear aimed at the ‘digital native’

We take a look at NAD's new D 7050 network receiver and the D 3020 hybrid digital amplifier and learn how NAD is adapting to serve a new kind of listener.

Earth Day 2013: Cut the cord with the Red Wine Audio Signature 57

Battery powered audio is getting hot again thanks to products like the Signature 57 integrated amplifier from Red Wine Audio.

Record Store Day 2013: Vinyl Strikes Back

Happy 4/20 everyone. You know what that means, right? Record Store Day, of course! We take a look at one of the nation's most over-looked celebrations.

AudioControl’s Rialto 400 amplifier/DAC beefs up distributed audio systems, including those made by Sonos

AudioControl's Rialto 400 amplifier/DAC combo aims to up the fidelity of multi-room audio solutions, including those made by Sonos.
harman kardon avr 3700 7 2 receiver brings support for 3d 4k and airplay avr3700hk featured

Harman Kardon AVR 3700 7.2 receiver brings support for 3D, 4K/Ultra HD and Airplay

For under $1,000, the new AVR 3700 from Harman Kardon offers support for Ultra HD 4K, 3D, and AirPlay but no MHL or high resolution audio formats.

2013 New York Audio Show: MartinLogan CLX art loudspeakers pull vanishing act

MartinLogan's flagship CLX art electrostatic loudspeakers pull a vanishing act at the 2013 New York Audio Show.We explain what makes these panels so great.
logitech harmony ultimate bty1 black header

Is Logitech’s ‘Ultimate’ the world’s last true universal remote?

Logitech's Harmony Ultimate will likely be the last great remote control we see from the company - and boy is it something else.

2013 New York Audio Show: Spendor SP100R² loudspeakers bring big-room sound with an even bigger price tag

The Spendor SP100R2 loudspeakers invade the New York Audio Show 2013, leaving others in their wake.

2013 New York Audio Show: Wooing the headphone generation the Woo Audio way

Headphone amplifier manufacturer Woo Audio courted a new generation of headphone listeners at the New York Audio Show 2013.

Build your own pair of D.I.Y. headphones with a 3D printer

Could the next big thing in headphones come from a 3D printer? At least one guy thinks so. We take a look at his prototype and share the link to his plans.

Roku sells 5 million media streamers, celebrates milestone with revealing infographic

To celebrate its recent sales milestone, Roku released some revealing numbers that show just how enthusiastic the US has gotten over streaming media.

Digging into the grooves with the world’s first 3D-printed tonearm for turntables

It was only a matter of time before someone decided to make an audio component with a 3D printer, and to our amazement, it's majestic-sounding tonearm.
panasonic bows better blu ray players meager media streamers and the ultimate party machine bdt 330 featured

Panasonic bows better Blu-ray players, meager media streamers and the ultimate party machine

Panasonic's selection of Blu-ray players this year look great, but its newly-introduced over-the-top media streaming boxes are meager by comparison.