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Cambridge Audio bows super-affordable MInx Go portable Bluetooth speaker

Minx Go black 3Q leftCheck out our review of Cambridge Audio Minx Go bluetooth speaker.

Those on the hunt for a portable Bluetooth speaker have a lot of options to choose from – perhaps too many. And the trouble with many of them is that they lack bass. In fact, until we reviewed the Definitive Technology Sound Cylinder, we were beginning to wonder if anyone was going to figure out the secret recipe that preserved a compact form but delivered some robust, full-range sound. We were also beginning to think the Sound Cylinder was going to be a one-hit wonder of sorts, but then we checked out the Cambridge Audio Minx Go. 

If the $600 price tag of the Minx Air 200 puts it out of reach as a Father’s Day gift this month, then the $150 Minx Go is worth serious consideration.  The battery-powered Minx Go can deliver 18 hours of fantastic sound quality from only a two-hour charge. and based on our hands-on experience, is built just as well as its more expensive siblings. Cambridge Audio has packed a lot of technology into the Minx Go’s tiny chassis including five drivers; 2 titanium tweeters, 2 2-inch woofers, and a rear-mounted bass radiator to extend the bass response. The speaker is also heavily damped  to help minimize distortion and vibrations

The Bluetooth-enabled unit incorporates 24-bit DSP processing, high quality 24-bit DACs, and also includes a 3.5 mm input jack for connection to your iPod, iPhone, or even Blu-ray player. The speaker is ideal for users who want to enjoy music while entertaining in the backyard or for taking on vacation so that the kids can watch their favorite movies on your iPad in stereo.

You can also charge your cell phone or tablet via a USB port while the Minx Go is playing or recharging itself and since it will remember up to 8 different smart phones, tablets, or laptops, family members don’t have to go through the entire process of re-pairing their Bluetooth device every time they want to listen to music.

The Minx Go is available in gloss black or white goes on sale this June through Cambridge Audio’s dealer network  and will be available online from select retailers as well.

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