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Saul Berenbaum

Saul Berenbaum

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Saul Berenbaum has been writing film and gaming reviews since college. Recently, he contributed to HardcoreDroid. Now he writes daily mobile news articles for Digital Trends, with some independent film work on the side.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Active review in water

Galaxy S4 Active may have a leaking problem, water not covered in warranty

An AT&T employee has warned consumers not to buy the Galaxy S4 Active, saying it's easily flooded, and that its warranty doesn't cover water damage.

Got money to waste? Spend it on this diamond-encrusted Android phone

A new line of diamond-encrusted smartphones running the Android OS has just been introduced by an up-and-coming fine jewelry brand known as Savelli.

Canada, can you hear me now? Verizon sets its eyes on the north

Reports are coming in that Verizon Communications Inc has started looking into becoming Canada's fourth major wireless communications company.

Office 365 is finally available on the iPhone

Office Mobile for iOS has officially launched for iPhone. It supports document creation and editing in Word and Excel, and document viewing in PowerPoint.
HTC Droid DNA Butterfly

HTC Droid DNA sequel has been spotted

The Butterfly S will allegedly feature the same 5-inch 1920x1080 pixel display as the first model, along with dual speakers and a faster processor.

Apple gloats: 900,000 apps, 50 billion downloads for the Apple App Store

Apple's WWDC: App Store users have downloaded 900,000 apps with 50 billion downloads from the service (up from 30 billion in 12 months).

Are Galaxy S4 sales tapering off?

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Samsung Electronics Co. shares had their biggest single-day percentage drop in over nine months on Friday.

AMD gets with the times, begins developing chips for Android and Chrome OS

Advanced Micro Devices, after years of Windows OS-exclusivity, will begin working on chips for Google's Android and Chrome OS in PCs and tablets.

‘Whistle’ is like a Fitbit for your dog, and has its own app

A startup called Whistle has developed an activity tracker for your dog, which can help identify health issues long before you would think to go to the vet.

Firefox OS tablets may already be in the works

At a private event at the Chinese Computex conference on Monday, Mozilla unveiled its first Firefox OS tablet.

Google Glass won’t have facial recognition software, at least not yet

Google's Project Glass team recently sent out a quick update on Google+, saying the device won't have facial recognition apps, at least for now.
self driving technology smartphones danger texting while

Put down that phone! Texting while driving banned in Florida

Florida Governor Rick Scott will sign a new law this afternoon, outlawing texting and driving in the state come October 1.
samsung galaxy s4 polycarbonate body macro

You can finally renew: The Galaxy S4 is available on Verizon

After a bit of a delay, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is now available on Verizon's 4G LTE network. Check out our complete shopping guide here.
htc one helpful tips tricks side macro

HTC One approaching 5 million units sold

An anonymous HTC executive told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday that the HTC One has nearly reached 5 million units sold, about a month after launching.
Android Carmen

Watch this: A live orchestra plays ‘Carmen’ using only smartphones and tablets

A new spot for Europe's 'Hello Bank!' features the Czech National Symphony Orchestra playing "Carmen" on smartphones and tablets, synced together over WiFi.

Qualcomm’s next-gen Mirasol display goes Retina

Today at SID Display Week, Qualcomm showed off its upcoming reflective, power-conscious, 577 ppi Mirasol display, by way of a few product mock-ups.

Google Play redesigned for tablets and the web

Before Google's I/O keynote on Wednesday, Google Play Store version 4.1.6 began rolling out, with an improved "Update All" feature and more colorful tabs.

Only one in ten American smartphone users would use Glass regularly

A new study by BiTE interactive has shown that only one in ten American smartphone users would use Glass regularly, mostly citing "social awkwardness."

Samsung tests super fast 10 Gigabit 5G wireless speeds, coming in 2020

Samsung announced on Monday that it had successfully tested its 5G network, expected by 2020, with 10 Gigabits per second uploads and downloads.

Starbucks is trying out wireless phone charging in Boston shops

Starbucks has started to test wireless charging stations approved by the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) in Boston.

35 percent of Google’s products are shut down

A new study has shown that 35 percent of Google's all-time product line has been shut down, with social products and acquisitions faring the worst.
Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus comes to Windows Phone, finally

The Windows Phone Store has added one of its most requested apps - Hulu Plus.

The One is helping, but not yet saving HTC

HTC's April revenue rose 26% over March, thanks to the HTC One's release, but they were still down 37% from April of last year.

Budget iPhone rumors re-emerge, looks like it may not come to U.S.

Rumors coming out of Apple's Taiwan supply chain point to a new, "cost-efficient" iPhone that could be unveiled soon.
Google Glass Twitter Winners

Google Glass: iPhone users may get turn-by-turn, new app lets you take pics by winking

Google Glass' turn-by-turn navigation is rumored to be coming to iPhone. Meanwhile, the Winky app has launched for Glass, lets you take pics by winking.

Acer unveils Aspire P3, a tablet and Ultrabook in one

At its global press conference in New York City on Friday, Acer unveiled its new Aspire line of convertible tablets, including the 11.6" Aspire P3.
Dish Network wants to buy Sprint No thanks

Sprint is the prettiest girl at the dance: Dish and SoftBank hurl insults at one another

Sprint is considering offers for its controlling stake from DISH Network and Japanese carrier SoftBank, but their CEOs have been slinging some mud.

Facebook-connected ‘Angry Birds Friends’ now available on Android and iOS

The Facebook-connected Angry Birds Friends is now available on the App Store. Play against your friends on Facebook with daily and weekly updates.

Google Glass won’t let you %#@! swear

Reports say that Google Glass' voice translation technology will automatically filter out all profanity, and there's no way to change the filter.

LG Optimus G Pro coming to AT&T May 10

The LG Optimus G Pro, winner of Digital Trends' Editors' Choice award, will be available for pre-order on May 3rd, and officially launch on May 10th.

Do mobile ads annoy you? You’re really going to hate interactive talking ads

Nuance has announced a new line of voice-based mobile ads, aimed at sparking up actual conversations between phone users and advertisers.

Samsung unveils faster RAM that will help phones compete with PCs

Samsung has announced that they're in the manufacturing stages on a new smartphone and tablet chip, tested at 17 gig per second downloads and uploads.

Google releases a ‘How To’ video for Glass

A brief video has popped up on a new official Google Glass YouTube page, aiming to introduce the general public to the device as gently as possible.

Verizon sees profit in saving the planet; plans to spend $100 million on solar panels and green tech

Verizon is expected to announce on Tuesday a $100 million dollar endeavor to install solar panels and fuel cells in 19 of its locations, across 7 states.