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Google Glass won’t let you %#@! swear

Google Glass

This is some ducking disappointing shot right here. is reporting that, not only will Google Glass’ voice translation technology sensor cursing, but seeing as how there aren’t any methods of inputting text, there won’t even be a way to disable the filter without opening the device up. We previously reported that rooting Glass may remove Google’s ability to remotely deactivate the device, but it doesn’t look like there’s gonna be any way around this issue. At least, not right now.

This most likely stems from Google’s adherence to Glass as a device exclusively for Google+ users. We can see its reasoning. It wants to keep the device’s communication records in squeaky-clean order. But how many times a day do you post a comment or message a friend with a little bit of profanity? It’s fun, and harmless.

This also begs the question of how Google will police obscene photos or videos sent through its servers from Glass. Anybody could write some obscenity on wall and just stare at it for a moment while wearing Glass. Glass’s ubiquitous wearability also makes it a prime recording device for sex videos. With Google’s ability to monitor and remotely disconnect Glass, and its apparent adherence to outlawing a few bad words being spoken into its device’s microphone, will Google step in to outlaw such societally corrosive behavior as Revenge Porn while it’s happening? 

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