Google Play redesigned for tablets and the web


A few hours before Google’s I/O keynote this morning, Google started rolling out a Play Store update, version 4.1.6, redesigned for tablets. The web version of the Play Store has also been updated.

The new layout features pleasingly colorful tabs, which helps to differentiate between types of apps. New “open / uninstall” buttons have been implemented as well, and Google has now allowed its “Update All” feature to work with apps with new permissions. As usual, you’ll be warned when downloading updates over a mobile-data network connection, and you’ll probably want to switch to Wi-Fi if you’re gonna be throwing an “Update All” party.

The 4.1.6 Google Play Store update will start out as an over-the-air update, but you install the new APK file now on your own, if you’re in a hurry to do some colorful shopping.

The last update to the Play Store was only about a month ago, and while version 4.1.6 might not be much more than cosmetic, it adds a bit of structure, and helps to balance the store’s design.