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Windows Phone commercial makes fun of all Android and iPhone owners

A new Windows phone ad, spotlighting the Nokia Lumia 920, depicts a war breaking out between Apple and Android fanboys at a wedding.

How to find a Samsung Galaxy S4 (Updated)

The Samsung Galaxy S4 launched Saturday, April 27, but several carriers have inventory issues. We'll keep this page updated with news and links.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 shown in possible leaked pic

Google Glass and Samsung Galaxy S4 have already been rooted (Updated)

Google Glass and the Samsung Galaxy S4 have been hacked and rooted in under a week.
Google Android watch

Check out this fake, but cool Google Nexus smartwatch concept video

A 3D render concept video has surfaced showing a Google Nexus Smartwatch, running an Android OS.
why verizons iphone wont bury android apple

iPhone is still most popular with 18-30 year olds, but Android phones are on the rise

For those planning on a smartphone from now till June, 54.6 percent are into Androids, while 41.5 want iPhones, though Millenials still prefer iPhones.

Windows tablets grab 7.4 percent of the market share, Android up 177 percent

Microsoft has released its Q1 results for Windows tablets, and they've managed to rise from zero to 7.4 of the market share in less than six months.

Google Glass Explorer Edition has a 30-minute battery life while shooting video

Google Glass Explorer Edition user Robert Scoble has reported that the headset has about 30 minutes of battery life while shooting video.

Sprint posts lowest new subscriber numbers in 4 years, moves just 1.5 million iPhones

Sprint has posted their lowest new subscriber count since 2009. They're entertaining partial and full buyout offers from Softbank and Dish, respectively

Rumor: Acer’s Iconia W3 is probably the first 8-inch Windows 8 tablet

Leaked images of Acer's 8-inch Iconia W3 show it running Windows 8.

4G not fast enough? T-Mobile may launch the first 5G LTE-Advanced network

T-Mobile has announced its capability and plans to be the first 5G LTE-Advanced network, with download and upload speeds as fast as 300mbps.

HTC One now available unlocked for just under $600

The 32 GB HTC One is now available without a contract, following the unlocking of its Developer's Edition. This version removes the bootloader.

Despite 2-star rating, Facebook Home breaks 500,000 downloads

Facebook Home has been downloaded over a half a million times in its first ten days, but concerns over privacy settings have led to a 2-star user rating
can you really live on the surface first impressions from a week leaving laptop at home microsoft rt fl

Microsoft confirms it’s working on something small, maybe a 7-inch Surface tablet or smartwatch?

Microsoft's chief financial officer, Peter Klein, has hinted at a 7-inch tablet, available fairly soon. Also, smartwatches are a possibility.

Verizon posts record revenues, but petition urges it to end 2-year contracts

Verizon has posted $30 billion in first-quarter earnings, but they're under a fire from a popular petition to get rid of contracts.

Amazon buys Siri-esque Evi, planning voice-based shopping assistant?

Amazon has bought British start-up Evi, akin to Apple's Siri, for $26 million, rumored to be launching a new voice-based shopping guide

Nokia’s loses another $200 million, but another Lumia is on the way

First quarter shows $196 million loss, while cash and liquid assets show a sizable gain. The rumored Lumia Catwalk should be out in North America this year.
Microsoft Android os robot windows logo

Microsoft bullies Foxconn into paying it for every Android and Chrome product it makes

Microsoft has brought Foxconn on-board for their Android and Chrome patent licenses.

Download race: Google Play Store downloads are about even with the App Store

Google Play has seen a meteoric rise over the last year. They're still down in revenue, but are nearly even with the iOS App Store on downloads.
april 5 2013 1300 whatsapp mem 3

WhatsApp reaches 20 billion messages a day, CEO calls it “Bigger than Twitter”

You’ve gotta wonder if WhatsApp will be seen down the road as the app that killed the messaging fee.
mozilla tests enhancements for firefox to make private browsing even more firefoxhd

Will Mobile Web browsing be re-invented? Mozilla’s CEO thinks so

Mozilla announces its Firefox OS, based on its Firefox browser.

150 million messages are sent on Snapchat every day

You know Snapchat, right? It’s the messaging service with pics that disappear moments after you’ve received them. And people are loving it.
review should you buy a camera phone without the samsung galaxy ek gc100 main

Forget phones, Android was almost a “smart camera” operating system

"The exact same platform, the exact same operating system we built for cameras, that became Android for cellphones"