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Malarie Gokey

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As DT's Mobile Editor, Malarie runs the Mobile and Wearables sections, which cover smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other crazy wearables. She's a big fan of smart jewelry, smart clothing, and pretty apps. She is also an artist and speaks three languages (so far).

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You're going to need bigger pockets. These are the best giant phones.

Big phones (AKA phablets) are here to stay. As smartphones’ screens expand, phablets have become top-of-the-line contenders. Here are the best phablets you can buy.
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More than 6 months later, the Google Pixel XL still offers the best Android experience

Google’s Pixel XL is the Android phone you’ve always wanted. It’s as gorgeous, powerful, slick, and as easily upgraded as an iPhone. And enthusiasts can easily install the Developer Preview of Android O on it. Is this the Android…
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Yes, you'll miss the headphone jack. But the iPhone 7 Plus camera is worth it

Apple made several bold moves with the iPhone 7 Plus, adding two cameras and water resistance, while ditching the hallowed 3.5mm headphone jack. Is Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone worth your hard-earned money? Read our iPhone 7 Plus…
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The 2015 Moto 360 is still on sale, but it just can't compete with modern Android watches

Update: How does the Moto 360 (2015) stack up against the smartwatches of today, and is it still the best choice for women? Read our updated review.
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Bellabeat’s Leaf is the only piece of smart jewelry we're still wearing

The Bellabeat Leaf is a gorgeous piece of smart jewelry that tracks more than just your activity and sleep quality. We’ve worn the Leaf since the first day it came out to test its powers.

Which is better, the Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge?

Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge may seem similar, but there are a few key differences that you should consider when deciding between the two. Here, we break down the differences between the two flagships to declare a winner.