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Malarie Gokey

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As DT's Mobile Editor, Malarie runs the Mobile and Wearables sections, which cover smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and other crazy wearables. She's a big fan of smart jewelry, smart clothing, and pretty apps. She is also an artist and speaks three languages (so far).

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Motorola Moto 360 (2015) review

Update: How does the Moto 360 (2015) stack up against the smartwatches of today, and is it still the best choice for women? Read our updated review.

Smaller iPhone SE packs the same power as a 6S, for less

The iPhone SE is Apple's low-cost iPhone offering, boasting excellent specs and the classic iOS at a very affordable price. Under the hood, the phone features an A9 processor, and either 32GB or 128GB storage options.

LG G6: Our First Take

LG's G6 is a gorgeous, glamorous glass and metal flagship phone with solid specs and high-tech cameras. We go hands-on with the device to give you our first impressions of the design, specs, and software.

LG G6 video teardown, and safety testing lab tour

LG puts all its phones through the paces with battery and quality control testing. We saw first hand the tests the LG G6 will go through and we even witnessed a complete teardown of the LG G6.

HTC smartwatch rumors and news

HTC has held back while its competitors have launched smartwatch after smartwatch. The company's CFO said it's not planning a device in the "short term," quite possibly putting an end to years of rumors about the HTC Watch.

From 5G and bezel-free phones to Android 2.0, these mobile trends will define 2017

We saw a lot of interesting tech at CES 2017. These are the trends that will define mobile and wearable products in 2017. We talk about everything from 5G to Android Wear 2.0, as well as the future of smartphone design.