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Android Pee Apple Logo

We know who put an Android peeing on an Apple in Google Maps

Some enterprising soul decided to put an Android on Google Maps in Pakistan, peeing on an Apple logo.
german intelligence agency nsa news 800px obama and merkel at the brandenburg gate  2013

German parliament may limit intelligence agency communications with the NSA

The German parliament reconsiders an intelligence-sharing agreement with the NSA, over spying on politicians and defense contractors.
apple watch waterproof video water

See the Apple Watch take a shower, go for a swim, and still work perfectly

The Apple Watch may not be fully waterproof, but one guy took his in the shower and went swimming with it on, and it still works just fine.
u s secretary of homeland security encryption danegrous jeh johnson

Does encryption help terrorists? The head of Homeland Security thinks so

Jeh Johnson, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, called encryption dangerous and encouraged security experts to work with the government..
Best Phablets Apple iPhone 6 Plus

1,500 iOS apps are vulnerable to a security threat: Here’s how you can stay safe

SourceDNA discovered a security flaw in 1,500 iOS apps that could allow hackers to steal sensitive information from users' devices.
nugg medical marijuana app

This app will let you order medical marijuana for delivery from your phone

A new app called Nugg can help patients find high-quality medical marijuana. Patients can order cannabis for delivery or pickup from verified dispensaries.
john oliver patent trolls patents

John Oliver says patent trolls are as stupid as they are evil

John Oliver tackled patent trolls in his latest crusade against archaic laws that don't make sense.
Android Versus- Phone Bottle Fight

Two roommates stab each other with broken beer bottles, arguing Android vs. iPhone

Two roommates stabbed each other with broken beer bottles during a fight over which operating system is better: iOS or Android.
NEXUS 6 front angle 2

Lost your phone? Search ‘Find my phone’ on Google, and you’ll find it in a jiffy

Google's come up with another way to help you find your lost Android phone. All you have to do is search for "Find my phone,"
astropad fiftythree pencil partnership news using

Astropad and FiftyThree’s Pencil pair up to take digital art creation to the next level

Professional drawing app Astropad added support for FiftyThree's Pencil stylus to its latest update.
cyanogen shuts down cyanogenmod on oppo n1

Cyanogen gets rid of Google, will put Microsoft’s apps on its version of Android

Cyanogen and Microsoft finally announced their partnership, which will put Microsoft's apps on all CyanogenMod devices in the future.
scribd adds 9000 audiobooks news gonegirl

Now you can listen to A Game of Thrones, Fifty Shades of Grey, and more audiobooks on Scribd

Unlimited ebook and audiobook subscription app Scribd added more than 9,000 audiobooks from Penguin to its collection. It now has 45,000 audiobooks.
microsoft midrange lumia smartphones version 1452672978 540 ds design jpg

What a deal! Microsoft’s Lumia 540 costs just $150 and will upgrade to Windows 10

Microsoft's Lumia 540 takes cheap to a whole new level with $150 price point and entry-level specs
snowden 3d bust snowdenbust apr6 5531

Artists demand that the NYPD return Edward Snowden bust in a letter from their lawyer

A group of unknown artists placed a bronze bust of NSA leaker Edward Snowden in a Brooklyn park. It was later removed and the police are investigating.
octopus takes photos with sony cybershot camera photographer

Rambo the octopus loves taking pictures of visitors with a Sony camera

An octopus named Rambo is taking pictures of aquarium visitors with a Sony Cybershot camera.
verizon says unlimited data is pointless vehicle

Unlimited data — Who wants that? says Verizon in totally unconvincing blog post

Verizon's latest blog post rails against unlimited data plans, calling them pointless and bad for customers.
Adonit Forge

Adonit Forge isn’t for drawing pictures, it’s for building ideas

Adonit's first drawing app, Forge, aims to help designers filter through ideas and find their next project.
huawei snapto cheap android phone news

Look out, Moto G! Huawei’s SnapTo is just $180 on Amazon, and it just went up for preorder

Huawei introduced a dirt cheap Android smartphone called the SnapTo in early April. The phone is available on Amazon unlocked for $180.
john oliver edward snowden nsa interview

Edward Snowden made a joke! The NSA leaker recommends a great password to John Oliver

Not only did John Oliver and Edward Snowden discuss d--k pics, they also chatted about passwords. Snowden had the perfect suggestion for Oliver.
Mophie Space Pack redux

Mophie’s new battery packs also add much-needed storage to your iPhone and iPad

Mophie's Space Pack case for iPad Mini and Spacestation power bank aim to solve the biggest problems mobile users have: limitations on battery and storage.
Dell Venue 10 7000

Hands on: Dell Venue 10 7000

flexible smartphone moxi group samsung screens

Would you wear this? Samsung’s bizarre flexy phone that’s also a smart bangle

Samsung patented a flexible screen that can morph from a smartphone to a smartwatch. It looks like a crazy bangle, but it can do everything a phone does.
oyster ebook store news 3 devices blue

Oyster’s new ebook store will let you buy many titles you can’t find in your subscription

Ebook subscription service Oyster added an ebook store to supplement the titles that are already included in the $10 a month subscription price.
The 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition.

Apple employees will get 50 percent off the Apple Watch, just not the $10,000 one

The Apple Watch gets its big announcement on March 9 in San Francisco. Here's everything you need to know about the specs, price, and release date.
fake whatsapp

Facebook sneakily integrates WhatsApp button into beta version of its Android app

Facebook may have plans to add a WhatsApp button to its own app soon, if leaked pictures of the feature in an Android app beta are real.
zte blade s6 news front

ZTE’s Blade S6 Plus is cheap at just $300, but it’s got great mid-range specs and a swanky design

ZTE made a phablet-sized Blade S6 Plus with a 5.5-inch screen and mid-range specs to sell around the world on eBay.
john oliver edward snowden nsa interview

John Oliver and Edward Snowden explain how the NSA collects pics of our junk

John Oliver interviewed NSA leaker Edward Snowden about the most important issue of our day: Whether or not the government can see out naughty nude photos.
htc one m9 vs m8 htconevs

HTC One M9 (2015) vs. HTC One M8 (2014): An in-depth comparison

HTC rolled out a new, upgraded model of its flagship smartphone. The HTC One M9 debuted at Mobile World Congress 2015. Is it worth the upgrade?
HTC One M9 back angle

See the exciting HTC One M9+ and its fingerprint sensor ahead of its April launch

HTC could launch a phablet-sized version of the One M9 called the One M9+ soon. Reports say it may be even more powerful that the flagship and sport a sharper screen.
samsung suhd and uhd tvs new york ces 2015 5 1500x1000

Ready, set, buy: Samsung announces pricing, availability on its 2015 TVs

Samsung introduced several new SUHD and UHD TVs at an event in New York. Most are curved, but there were a few flat-screen models.
apple watch deign process origin news girl

The first Apple Watch was actually just an iPhone velcroed to a guy’s wrist

Apple revealed the story of how the Apple Watch transformed from an iPhone with a velcro strap, to a polished product.
facebook riff viral video maker news

Learn the art of the viral video with Facebook Riff, a collaborative video creator

Facebook's latest experiment is an app called Riff that lets users create viral videos with their friends.
india 2nd largest smartphone market 2017 cancer

Americans use their smartphones for everything from job searches to avoiding contact with others

The Pew Research Center found that many Americans rely solely on their smartphones for Internet.
facebook who is your true soulmate quiz coffee

Facebook’s Scrapbook helps parents put all their baby photos in one place

Facebook now has a Scrapbook feature that lets parents put all the photos of their baby in one place.