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Andrew Kalinchuk

Andrew Kalinchuk

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Andrew covers news and opinions pertaining to smartphones, tablets, and all else mobile for Digital Trends. He recently switched from Apple to Microsoft and shares the experience through "Life and Tiles of a Windows 8 Convert." Andrew also interns at The Wirecutter and writes for Laptop Magazine and Techerator. Outside of writing, Andrew splits his time between cooking, gaming, and reading.

Hacking Google Glass, a way for developers to “play around and go crazy”

Today Google held a workshop to show would-be developers how to hack Glass and begin to develop applications for the wearable device.

Google Maps on iOS and Android redesigned with more intuitive turn-by-turn navigation

Google has already announced a pretty major overhaul of the desktop version of Maps, but it looks like the mobile versions will be getting some updates as well.

Android tablets should finally start getting better apps

It was promised and Google I/O delivered, Android Studio is the company's latest development environment for Android with benefits for users and devs.

BlackBerry outs BBM Channels, a social platform for brands and celebrities

BlackBerry plans to stay competitive with BBM by adding Channels, a new social platform aimed squarely at celebrities and brands.

Angry Birds creator Rovio to start publishing third-party games

Proving once again that Rovio is determined to move far beyond the success of Angry Birds, the game development company has announced it will being publishing, distributing, and marketing third- party apps.

Google Glass: Everything you need to know

Facebook phone is a flop! AT&T may discontinue HTC First

The first sign was a price drop to $0.99 just one month after it was launched, but now it's becoming even more clear that the HTC First is a massive flop.

Backup your photos to Amazon! Cloud Drive Photos for iOS is here with automatic uploads

Building on its Cloud Drive business, Amazon released a new app that will make it easy for iPhone users to automatically sync their photos to the cloud.

Nokia Lumia 928 coming to Verizon with fancy PureView camera in tow

After a barrage of teaser images and videos, focussing on the Nokia Lumia 928's camera technology, the latest Finnish flagship is officially coming to Verizon.

Facebook announces new features for ‘Home’ as first update rolls out

At 3pm PST, Facebook Home will get its first update through Facebook for Android. The update fixes some bugs, but new features are said to be on their way.

Google Glass software update brings Google+ notifications

On Tuesday night, Google released the first software update for the lucky individuals chosen for the Explorer program, able to try out Glass first.

Rumor: Sharp will start display production for ‘next’ iPhone in June

The specifics of the fabled iPhone 5S have yet to be determined, but a Japan-based report says the production of the display is set to start next month.

Rovio promises to sync ‘Angry Birds’ progress across platforms

After a few years of industry domination, it seems Rovio has finally decided to sync gamer progress across devices with Rovio Accounts.

Sony Xperia Z available unlocked for $630 in the U.S.

Selling unlocked handsets is a growing trend in smartphones and Sony's the latest company to join in with an unshackled Xperia Z available in the U.S. store.

Acer Aspire R7 vs. Lenovo Yoga 13: Spec showdown

Acer has unleashed the Aspire R7 on an unsuspecting world. Following Windows 8-makers before it, the company has done its best to rethink the laptop.

Intel hopes its new Atom will revitalize Windows 8 tablets

It's Intel to the rescue for, Windows 8 as the chip-maker gears up to introduce its latest Atom processor, hoping to improve performance and multitasking.

BlackBerry CEO slams tablets, follow-up to PlayBook seems unlikely

BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins has a vendetta against tablets, slamming the devices in a recent interview.

Chat apps to double SMS text messaging by end of 2013

By the time 2013 comes to an end, chat apps like WhatsApp and BlackBerry Messenger will account for twice the messaging traffic of standard text messaging.

iTunes made over $4 billion this quarter, boasts 850,000 apps with 350,000 optimized for iPad

Spitting in the face of naysayers, Apple has announced its second quarter earnings for this year and the numbers are just as impressive as last quarter.

Apple wants to control your car door and starter with the iPhone

Here's yet another stop on the merry-go-round of Apple speculation, this time it is a few patent applications for automobiles like remote starting.

MetroPCS shareholders approve merger with T-Mobile

It looks like it's finally official: T-Mobile will merge with MetroPCS. It was only a matter of time once the government gave the thumbs up.

ZTE joins Sony, Samsung, and LG, signs deal with Microsoft to pay Android royalties

ZTE is the latest manufacturer to strike a deal with Microsoft, as the company makes its rounds to have every major Android manufacturer pay.
Firefox OS

Firefox OS developers phones sell out in hours, struggle to meet demand

A few hours after officially going on sale, the first batch of Firefox OS developer phones are listed as "Out of stock" but more are on the way.

Rumor: iPad 5 to be lighter and thinner than previous model

The latest gossip suggests a lighter, thinner iPad will debut this year with mass production hitting its height from August to September.

The HTC One is available nationwide today

The One, HTC's latest flagship smartphone, is available online and in physical stores all across the U.S. starting today.

Yahoo cleans up its image, releases gorgeous Mail and Weather apps for iOS and Android

Not known for its command of style or design, Yahoo's been revamping its image and extending that simplified look to a handful of apps for iOS and Android.

Explorers beware, Google forbids the resale or lending of Glass

Google is forbidding any Glass Explorers from reselling or even lending out the $1,500 gadget, reserving the right to deactivate the device.

New, tiny lithium-ion battery can recharge in less than a second

The old, bulky lithuim-ion battery has finally been innovated with enough power to boost a car battery and still recharge in seconds.

Calendo wants to curate your Facebook Events and filter out the junk

If you're tired of being bombarded by Facebook invites to events you'd never attend, Calendo may be your new best friend if you'll let it get to know you.

Analysts estimate 4.6 million Sony Xperia Z phones sold in 40 days

The Sony Xperia Z has a lead on other 1080p devices and recent data suggests the early start is paying off in a major way.
Windows Phone head

Head of Windows Phone says Android’s “still kind of a mess” and iOS is running out of steam

The head of Windows Phone, Terry Myerson, see Windows Phone as a scrappy start up, thinks Android is a mess and iOS may be running out of steam.

Galaxy S4 launch dates for AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon teased in leaked Staples memo

A possible leaked Staples memo points to a release date as early as April 26 for the Samsung Galaxy S4 on AT&T, with T-Mobile and Verizon trailing behind.

Want to get Facebook Home on any Android phone? Yes, it’s already possible

The internet found an unofficial workaround after the announcement that Facebook Home would only be officially supported on a paltry five devices.

Google engineers apply Gmail filter technology to end annoying robocalls

The Federal Trade Commission has announced the winners of its Robocall Challenge, which includes two Google employees tapping into Gmail's spam filtering.