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Google Maps on iOS and Android redesigned with more intuitive turn-by-turn navigation


Google has already announced a pretty major overhaul of the desktop version of Maps, but it looks like the mobile versions will be getting some updates as well. 

For Android users this means the updated UI that is already active on Maps for iOS will finally be available on Android devices. The redesign brings a new layout, additional search features, and a highlight feature that promises to personal the mapping experience and point out the “things that matter most” to you. This can be anything from restaurants recommended by your friends on Google+ (if you have any), but will also show must-see attractions in the area. 

There are changes beneath the surface as well. Most importantly, Zagat restaurant ratings are now integrated into Google Maps, as well as Google Offers for things like special promotions at the Starbucks nearest you. There’s also an enhanced navigation system that can update in real-time to compensate for accidents or road closures.

Other changes to Google Maps come in the form of further world exploration. Thanks to Google Earth, any WebGL-enabled browser – like Chrome – can show you even more of the world. You can “walk canyon trails, climb mountains, and even swim the oceans.” Basically Google Earth is becoming even more expansive and Google is really proud of that. 

Google says the update should be hitting the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices “this summer.” 

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