Apple ditches black color scheme across iPod range, replaces it with new Space Gray

iPod Space Gray Range

Apple went color crazy at its iPhone event this week, as it introduced the iPhone 5C in a rainbow of hues, and altered the line-up for the iPhone 5S. Apple introduced a gold iPhone 5S with a white face and gold antenna band, while the black model now comes in Space Gray with matching band. The silver and white model is the one constant.

Although the iPod range wasn’t mentioned at all during the event, a check of Apple’s website reveals it has added the Space Gray color to almost all of them too. If you choose the iPod Shuffle, iPod Nano, or the 32GB or 64GB iPod Touch, Space Gray is now the first option. Neither the 16GB iPod Touch and the iPod Classic have changed though.

iPod Touch BlackSo how different is it? Well, a bit, but as the black iPod was never a deep black and more of a slate (which is what the color was called on the Nano and Shuffle) it’s not quite as noticeable as it is on the iPhone. You can see the Space Gray model above, and the older black color to your right.

Is that it for the iPod range in terms of upgrades this year? Very likely, as the iPod Touch still shares the same look and screen as the iPhone, and Apple didn’t announce something unexpected like a 128GB option, making it unnecessary to alter it. The 16GB iPod Touch was also only announced at the end of May. Apple may decide to wait and update the range when it introduces the iPhone 6 this time next year.

The Space Gray iPod Touch is available through now for either $300 or $400 depending on the amount of storage, and it will ship in five to seven days, or be ready to collect in-store on September 20. For the Nano and Shuffle, the Space Gray versions are ready to ship right now.