Music videos aren’t the only new feature coming to Apple Music on Android

Apple Music Android
Denys Prykhodov/Shutterstock
Since its launch last November, the Apple Music app for Android has generally received quite a bit of attention from Apple, keeping up with the iOS version and even offering features that the iOS version doesn’t have. Even so, one feature has remained iOS-only: music videos.

That isn’t the case anymore, however, as yesterday the app received an update finally making music videos available on all platforms. While this has been part of the service since launch, with videos like Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour video among others being offered, Apple is putting increasing attention into video.

In recent months, Apple has been working on a number of video-related products, all of which are intended to help promote its products and services, including Apple Music. An autobiographical series from Dr. Dre titled Vital Signs is in the works, as is Apple’s first original series, which will focus on app developers. Exactly what content will air on which services hasn’t been confirmed, but it makes sense for the company to expand its video reach.

Music videos aren’t the only new feature added in the recent update. Android users can now either subscribe or upgrade to a family plan, which allows up to six family members to share a single Apple Music subscription for $15 per month.

Android might have just caught up with the iOS version of Apple Music when it comes to video content, but it remains ahead of that version when it comes to other features. Earlier this year one update introduced the ability to play music stored on SD cards — something not possible on iOS devices — while another added an Android-exclusive widget.

The update is available now via the Google Play Store. If you haven’t yet tried Apple Music but are considering it, the service still offers a three-month free trial for new users.

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