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The Asus ZenPouch will keep your phone dry while looking colorful

asus zenpouch waterproof pouch
Not every phone has a waterproof case available for it, putting some owners in a pickle if they want to go to the beach or river rafting. This is where Asus comes in with the ZenPouch, which hopes to remove that problem with a colorful pouch.

Made out of nylon and thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), the ZenPouch carries IPX8 certification. In other words, while the ZenPouch will be just fine in wet environments, you probably should not submerge it beyond 3 meters underwater.

Similar to other waterproof phone pouches, the ZenPouch features a clear front window that gives you access to your phone’s touchscreen. Furthermore, your phone’s camera remains unobstructed while in the pouch, giving you the ability to take pictures or record videos. Other features of the ZenPouch include a slip pocket for any cash or cards you might have, a hand strap, a finger hook, and a detachable shoulder strap. As a result, the ZenPouch is suited for a range of situations, such as hanging it from your shower head or door handle.

According to Asus, the ZenPouch supports phones with displays up to 5.5 inches. Interestingly, the pouch also supports phone dimensions up to 185mm x 90mm x 12mm, giving owners the ability to insert either their Nexus 6P or Samsung Galaxy Note 5 into the pouch, for example.

No, the ZenPouch is not exactly a novel concept, but it is the first waterproof pouch made by a major phone manufacturer, so it has that going for it. Asus did not say when the ZenPouch would be available for purchase, though similar pouches do not run for more than $15. When the pouch becomes available, you will be able to pick from a variety of colors, as long as those colors are either black or yellow.

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