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Belkin’s MagSafe Boost Charger Pro glams up the humble iPhone charging stand

Belkin is fully invested in MagSafe, the new charging technology introduced by Apple for the iPhone 12 series. It was the featured accessory brand on stage when Apple announced the tech itself, and the company has since announced several supported products. The latest is the Boost Charge Pro 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand, which uses MagSafe to transform the humble phone stand into something both more versatile, and more attractive.

MagSafe makes the Boost Charge Pro possible, because without a magnetic connection, the plinth would obviously not support your iPhone. Instead, MagSafe holds onto your phone at a perfect angle for watching videos or making video calls, all while charging. Because it doesn’t have any physical holder, swapping between landscape and portrait orientation is simple: Just twist your phone.

The arm is made of stainless steel, which comes in either chrome or matte black depending on whether you choose the white or black model. The charger for the phone supports all three iPhone 12 models. It delivers up to 15W of charging power, right on par with Apple’s own charger. The base of the Boost Charge Pro is also a wireless charger (the standard Qi kind), and has a purpose-made indentation to hold the case of your AirPods Pro in place. The overall design is simple and elegant, yet still holds plenty of functionality.

You’ll pay $100 for the Boost Charge Pro 2-in-1 Wireless Charger Stand, and it’ll first be sold through Apple’s own store and Belkin’s online store from March or April this year. In the U.K. it will cost 90 British pounds, and will be available at the same time through Apple and Belkin.

MagSafe so far hasn’t really impressed, but Belkin sees plenty of potential in the tech, and is at the forefront of development. In addition to the excellent MagSafe in-car vent mount, which is the only MagSafe product we recommended so far, the 3-in-1 Charging Dock announced in 2020, and the new Boost Charger Pro, Belkin told Digital Trends its engineering team is hard at work on a wide variety of new MagSafe products. Based on the MagSafe hardware it has released so far, we’re excited to see what Belkin comes up with next.

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