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Get your phone juiced up quickly with Belkin’s new wireless charging stations

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A bevy of new wireless charging options will be unveiled at CES, courtesy of Belkin. The company announced it will update its line of wireless charging pads, as well as introduce a commercial charging solution. Two quick-charging wall adapters and a battery back up are also coming soon.

First up is Boost Up, Belkin’s updated line of wireless charging pads. The collection includes a single and dual charging pads, a car-mounted charging pad, and a wireless charging stand.

While charging pads have become pretty standard fare, the Boost Up pads have a few nice features. Belkin is offering many of the pads in several different colors so it is easy to select one that matches your phone or decor. The company also opted to make the pads 10 watts this year, doubling the wattage of last year’s Boost Up Charging Pad.

Of the Belkin wireless chargers announced at CES, we are most excited about the Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand. The stand allows you to charge your phone both vertically and horizontally. At first pass, this may not sound that exciting, but being able to charge your phone while watching Netflix is a definite win for us.

The Boost Up Wireless Charging Stand is somewhat similar to Samsung’s Wireless Charging Convertible with a few improvements. First, Belkin’s charging stand offers an extra watt of charging power; that extra watt won’t make difference for iPhone users, however, since the phones can only accept 7.5 watts of power via a wireless charging pad. The other major difference has to do with its design. With two legs to rest your phone on, the Boost Up Wireless Charge Stand seems a little more stable.

Belkin also announced a commercial wireless charging solution, called Boost Up Wireless Charging System. The system is similar to Powermat and other commercial charging pads that are becoming an ever-present feature in cafes and conference rooms.

In addition to its new line of wireless charging pads, Belkin also introduced a new portable charger called the Pocket Power USB-C 10K. The charger is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0, so it only takes about 35 minutes to charge your battery up to 80 percent. It’s also thin enough to easily slide into your pocket.

Two fast-charging wall adapters round out Belkin’s announcement. The Home Charger 27W and Dual Port Home Charger 27W + USB-C to USB-A Cable offers high-speed charging through USB Power Delivery. It’s an excellent alternative to using a MacBook charger and adapter workaround that many people are using to quickly charge their iPhones.

Belkin plans to start selling its charging solutions in the spring and summer, and will announce pricing in the coming months.

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