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Bitdefender officially releases Mobile Security app for Android

Bitdefender Mobile Security

After five months of beta testing, Bitdefender’s Mobile Security app for Android devices is officially ready for download. And it couldn’t come at a better time; according to a number of recent reports, malware makers have been flooding the Android Market left and right, making it increasingly dangerous for unsuspecting users.

Originally launched in June, Mobile Security has been receiving tweaks and upgrades almost constantly, but now the company says the app is ready for the big leagues, offering both a free version and a paid version, which costs $9.95, and comes with a number of additional protections for Android users.

With the free version, you’ll get:

• Malware scanner: This feature will automatically scan any new app you download to see if it could ruin your life. You can also initiate an on-demand scan anytime you like. Your device’s SD card will be scanned, as well as the on-board storage.

• Application audit: This feature checks to see what kinds of permissions the apps on your device allow, and tells you if any of them are suspicious. The audit includes checking whether apps require access to the Internet; whether they require access to personal information, like contacts, messages or photo gallery; and whether any apps will cost you money by automatically sending out messages, or initiating phone calls.

• Remote geolocation: Enables users to track the location of their device on Google Maps, in real-time. (Note: GPS must be enabled for this feature to work, of course.)

The paid version includes all the features listed above, and adds the following features:

• Web security: Scans any website requested by the default browser on the device to see if it points to any known phishing or fraudulent URLs, or if the site contains malware or other types of viruses. Those pages are then temporarily blocked, or an alert is shown.

• Remote lock: Lock your device via your online Bitdefender account.

• Remote wipe: Delete all the data from your device from your Bitdefender account. Note: This even deletes the Mobile Security app, so use this one only as a last resort

• Message/sound alert: Display a message or play a sound on your device via your Bitdefender account.

We must note that, even if you have the Mobile Security app, or a similar app, installed, it’s always important to be discerning when installing any app on your device. Check the permissions an app requires before downloading; if it seems strange that a particular app needs a certain permission, don’t download it.

Bitdefender’s Mobile Security app is available from the Android Market here. Anyone who has already installed Mobile Security can simply update their app to receive the final version.

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