Want more data from Boost Mobile? Make sure to pay your bill on time

Boost Mobile

Normally, you’d have to congratulate yourself for paying your phone bill on time. However, Boost Mobile wants to make sure it appreciates you for paying on time by giving customers free data.

Dubbed “Growing Data,” this new plan nets customers up to an additional 3GB of high-speed data, so long as they make their monthly payments on time. More specifically, customers get an extra 500MB of high-speed data for every three months they make on-time payments. As such, customers can get an additional 3GB of data over 18 months of on-time payments.

The Growing Data plans start at $35 per month for 2GB of data, though it drops to $30 if you allow Boost Mobile to automatically take the payment each month. Customers can also choose the $45 per month plan, which nets them 5GB of data. In other words, the $35 and $45 plans would ultimately bump the monthly data pool to 5GB and 8GB, respectively, so long as customers make 18 on-time payments.

If customers don’t want to worry about emptying out their data pools, however, Boost Mobile also introduced a $60 per month plan, which gives customers unlimited 4G LTE data with no throttling. That last bit, of course, is up to Boost Mobile and its parent company, Sprint, to determine for those who really want to use their data with reckless abandon.

Finally, Boost Mobile launched a limited-time promotion for new and existing customers, which involves lowering the prices of select smartphones to at least $20 if they are purchased in-store. New customers can get these select smartphones for free if they decide to switch to Boost Mobile, however.

Relevant here is Google’s Project Fi, which isn’t out to set the world on fire, but rather to make carriers think outside the box about how they want to sell data to customers. As such, people jumping on these plans seems secondary to Boost Mobile simply deciding to spice things up when it comes to monthly data allowances, something that Google seemingly wants to encourage.