adds Drafts update for juggling canvases

doodle ly app for drawing doodlely drafts

Social drawing platform has its iPad app offering with a new feature called Drafts. Intended for the artist with multiple projects in flux at any given time – or just a short attention span – the latest addition to the app allows users to maintain up to 180 canvases in progress at a time.

We grabbed the update to try it out and it turns out no matter the number of canvases we have open a time, we still cannot draw. Well, we made some pretty solid stick figures. But we don’t expect to get any love for those. feels a lot like an Instagram for iPad artists and occasional doodlers. Users can publish work in the app, follow and like the work of other artists, and push work to linked social network accounts. For those who actually have artistic talent, the platform is a great way to spread your work around. The user interface recreates the feel of working with different tools like pencils, crayons, and markers. Though we ain’t much good at the art, we had a lot of fun doodling little pictures even if there’s no intention to share.

The new Drafts feature seems especially good for that. Works that aren’t ready for the light of day can be kept under wraps in your Drafts so you can continue to tinker with them. 180 canvases seems like quite a few projects to try to balance at a time, but it would probably be an advantage to someone who wants to make a series of images or build up a backlog of work to release. For a productive artist or prolific drawer, the extra canvases will come in handy. is available for free for iOS devices, with the Drafts feature available for iPad users.