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Verizon can’t guarantee a white Christmas, but it has a couple of white Droids for us instead

Droid Mini White

Verizon may not be able to fix it for us to have a white Christmas, but to make up it has arranged a pair of white Droid phones for the festive season. The network has added the new shade to the Droid Ultra and Droid Mini phones, but has decided against doing the same to the Droid Maxx, which only comes in black.

The Droid Ultra and Droid Mini were both launched during the summer, and effectively replaced the aging Razr range of smartphones. The addition of a white color scheme brings the choice up to three, as it joins the standard black and red models. Verizon is surely hoping the new color will help attract customers to the Motorola devices, which perhaps haven’t had the attention they deserve.

Aside from the new color, the specs of both models remains the same. The Droid Ultra is the higher specced of the two, boasting a 5-inch touchscreen with a 720p resolution, a 10-megapixel camera, and one of Motorola’s X8 dual-core, 1.7GHz processors. This is the same one fitted to the Moto X, and it supports the same touchless voice control system too. The Droid Mini is identical in spec with the same processor and camera, but it has a smaller 4.3-inch screen, although it still has the same resolution. 

Seeing as the Droid Ultra and Mini were released just over three months ago, it’ll probably come as no surprise that they all run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean. However, in the wake of Android 4.4 KitKat’s release, Verizon has confirmed the Ultra, Mini, and Maxx phones will all be getting an upgrade to the latest version in the future. Don’t hold your breath, as there’s no date attached, but at least it’s coming.

Both white phones appear to be in stock on Verizon’s website now, where the Droid Ultra costs $100 and the smaller Droid Mini is $50, both with two-year contracts.

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