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Embrace laziness with Snooze for the iPhone

Snooze Alarm iPhone Dock at Bed

Developed by a product design team out of Charleston, South Carolina called Distil Union, a new project on Kickstarter is attempting to raise funds to manufacture an iPhone dock for the bedroom with a massive snooze button on top. The team is attempting to solve the problem of trying to activate the snooze function on the iPhone when someone is half asleep. Rather than fumble with the iPhone screen while attempting to hit the virtual snooze button in the middle of the touchscreen on iOS5, a sleepy person can simply slap the top of the Snooze iPhone alarm dock one time to shut off that pesky alarm. The large snooze button is about the size of the width and length of an iPhone and is definitely easy to find when waking up.

Snooze Big ButtonIn order to enable the device, simply plug in the iPhone to charge with the five-foot charging cable and slide the iPhone horizontally into the Snooze dock. According to the design team, the Snooze dock is also compatible with the iPhone 4 bumper case after removing an insert that’s included with the dock. The team has also developed a free alarm application that displays a large digital clock in addition to matching the design of the Snooze dock.

Beyond silencing alarms in the morning, hitting the giant, white snooze button will silence the ringer on an incoming call. Hitting the large snooze button produces enough force to activate the iPhone volume buttons, thus the application is able to activate the iPhone snooze function.

The product design company that’s responsible for creating the Snooze have developed a variety of iPhone related products including a wall dock called the SocketDock that allows the iPhone to be placed at the outlet as well as an emergency charging battery called the Power Pebble that also houses earbuds and acts as an iPhone stand. If interested in Snooze, there’s an “early bird special” for $40 that includes the Snooze dock as well as the woven sync and charge cable. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the dock will eventually retail for $49.99 and is expected to ship during September 2012. 

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