A majority of people think their phone is the first thing people notice about them


Once upon a time, when you asked a person what they thought the first thing people noticed about them was, they would answer with their eyes, smile, or how freakishly tall they were. It was almost always something about their physical appearance.

But, as a sure sign of the technological revolution we’re now constantly in the midst of, the majority of men – 61 percent to be specific – think that the first thing people notice about them is their cell phone, reports CNET, citing a survey conducted by mobile video company Vuclip. Trailing behind phones were cars, watches, and clothing.

Women also ranked their cell phones as the first thing, but not quite to the same degree. Just 38 percent of all women said the same, though when considering the under 18 group, it soared to a whopping 82 percent.

The survey involved information taken from 120,000 people from 15 different countries around the world. Most of the responses came from India, Canada, and Saudi Arabia; only 5,000 or so came from U.S. mobile users.

But, despite the fact that people say it’s the first thing noticed, it doesn’t necessarily mean that phones are a status symbol. When asked, 48 percent responded that their phone was too old, and they were embarrassed to let people see it.

Still, considering so many people think it’s such a stand-out “quality,” we can’t help but imagine the traditional dating scene, changed up by this new revelation. Prepare for a bar trip that goes something like this: “Hi there. That’s a great looking phone you have. How many megapixels is your camera? Can I buy you a drink?”

We also got a glimpse into phone etiquette; the survey asked its respondents whether they’d experienced someone speaking up about their use of phones in a social setting, but 58 percent replied that they hadn’t, saying their friends were also on their phones.

What about you? Do you think your phone is the first thing people notice about you? Or are you more a traditional “Nice eyes” type of person?