Giant IRL Angry Birds game level constructed in Spain

angry birds liveAngry Birds are back in the news, shortly after the recent web release onto Google Chrome. It’s hard to think of smartphone life without the best-selling app. Now, the birds have come to real life via a promotional stunt at Terrassa in Spain.

Rovio, the game’s developer, and Deutsche Telekom put together a life-sized Angry Birds game level for one day only, complete with exploding green Papier-mâché pigs and a jazzy street band playing the game’s theme song. The live-band probably wasn’t as catchy as the Indie Pomplamoose cover, but the music definitely drew crowds in to watch the spectacle. Ville Heijari, VP of Franchise Development at Rovio said, “Angry Birds is not just about smartphones, it’s about entertainment and suprising experiences.”

According to an article on PopSop, “passers-by became players, as with a simple swipe of a finger on a smartphone screen they were able to activate a giant real-life catapult and take part in the game for real.” The performers hurled blue, red and everyone’s favorite yellow birds at the almost three story high structure, which collapsed partially. No three stars for them.

The event, contracted to the London Saatchi & Saatchi creative team to produce, is part of Deutsche Telekom’s “Life is for sharing” campaign. Deutsch Telkom is a German telecommunications company. However, VP of the company’s brand stragey, Hans-Cristian Schwingen, said, “Telekom believes that life is worth sharing…Ultimately, we want viewers to watch our event unfold on TV or online and think ‘Wow, I can’t believe they actually pulled that off. I wish I could have been there.’”

As if the game weren’t addictive enough, now it’s haunting us in the real world. Here’s a link to another video of the exploding black bird once you’re done with the video below.

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