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Google Android Powered TV Coming in Fall

Blurring the line even further between television and the internet, Swedish based People of Lava, have teamed with Google in the hopes of making that line nonexistent. Powered by Google’s Android OS, the “Scandanavia”  series of televisions will allow watchers to become users as well.

Internet-ready TVs are fast becoming the norm, with more and more manufacturers including the ability to connect to the internet to watch YouTube, stream Netflix, and listen to music (to name a few possibilities), but the thing that sets the Scandanavia apart is the ability to access Google’s vast Android app store. Google already touts thousands of apps available thanks to the open source nature of the Android and the idea of OS based apps specifically for a television makes this product particularly intriguing.

“The Scandinavia television from People of Lava is based on Google’s operating-system Android. This is a small, efficient, fast, power-saving operating-system. And it´s “Open Source”, which means that 1000’s and 1000’s enthusiastic skilled developers around the world will make “apps” (applications) for the TV. Apps that you can download and install! And so will we – So expect a continuous flow of new cool apps to give you even more to view through your window!” The Scandanavia’s website claims.

No word on how the apps (designed for touch screen users) will translate to a remote control based interface, although all units will ship with a wireless keyboard and pointer/mouse.. Email, Facebook, and a built in web browser will all be standard.

The televisions are due out in September with a 47” model costing around $2,700, and the 55” running around $3,400.

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