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Google Maps has now memorialized one employee’s bad day at work

google maps captures work accident screen shot 2016 09 04 at 11 36 26 am
There’s nothing quite like memorializing a bad day on the internet, and it only gets better when that place on the internet is Google Maps. You know, the app used by more than a billion people.

Alas, that seems to be the fate that befell an employee of Houston restaurant Flying Saucer, a Mr. Joshua Justice, whose little “accident” was captured by the passing Google car. So now, there’s an intersection in downtown Houston that features Justice, a wet pant leg, and a pretty unfortunate story.

Don’t worry, friends. Justice didn’t actually wet himself. Rather, as he told the Houston Chronicle, “It’s line cleaner. We clean our draft beer lines and faucets whenever we change a keg. That involves hooking up a cleaning keg full of a mixture of warm water and acid. I was in our walk-in cooler cleaning lines. The line I hooked up had a gasket that had fallen off. Since there wasn’t a sealed connection, the keg sprayed me — quite a bit.”

With his pant leg soaked, Justice thought the best idea would be to step out into the 95-degree temperatures of Houston, and let the sun do its job. But apparently, Justice chose the wrong time to go outside. “I was outside less than a few seconds when I saw the Google maps car coming down Capitol. If you go back down Capitol in Google maps, you can see another shot of me kind of debating whether to run back inside or stand my ground,” he said. “I figured, well, this will make for a good story. Clearly, I had no idea. Now, I wish I’d waved.”

Luckily, as all good Texans do, Justice has a pretty great attitude about the whole thing, telling the Chronicle, “It made for a good story. At the time, I figured it would never actually show up so I posted on Facebook about what had happened telling people to look for me on Google maps.” And as luck would have it, two months later, a fellow server looked, and there he was.

“The whole thing has been pretty funny. I do a lot of the social media for Flying Saucer so seeing something like this blowup on Reddit and Houstonia and all over the place has been pretty funny,” Justice concluded. “I thought it was gonna be a funny inside joke at the bar. Now it’s a joke between me and the whole internet.”

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