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Google Q&A: Facebook, Twitter, Nokia, Chrome OS, and Ice Cream

android-ice-cream-mock-up-logoEric Schmidt spoke at the Mobile World Congress today where he debuted a new Movie Studio video editing app for Android tablets and shared Google’s ambitious (and creepy) upcoming plans for Android. Toward the end of the conference he had an open question and answer session. We’ve compiled a few of his most interesting answers. Enjoy!

Here are a few of his answers, succinctly paraphrased:

  • Facebook’s Ad business: It’s not affecting Google in any way. Google’s main competitor is Microsoft.
  • Does Google want to buy Twitter: “We love Twitter and I love to tweet,” said Schmidt.
  • Nokia and Microsoft: He is sad that talks broke down with Nokia and hopes they switch to Android in the future.
  • The absence of new CEO Larry Page: Schmidt said he will do most of the travelling under the new arrangement. Page will take over as CEO in April.
  • Self-driving cars: It’ll take a couple decades, but they are coming.
  • Chrome OS: Google doesn’t want to force convergence between PC operating systems and touch devices yet, which is why it is experimenting with Chrome.
  • Android Ice Cream: Smartphone-only Gingerbread and tablet-only Honeycomb will have a follow-up release starting with an I (Ice Cream) that will combine their efforts into one OS. The update will hit “about six months” after the last release, meaning it could come sometime this summer.

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