Google’s Nexus One Gets Some Color


If that dull metallic shell isn’t doing it for you, you’re in luck—the Google Nexus One is now available is a whole slew of vibrant colors. ColorWare teamed up with Google to provide the new Android phone its technicolored shell.  ColorWare says you can tailor the colors of you phone—mix and match color combinations and  The ColorWare Google Nexus One still sports all of the same specs like a 1GHz Processor, Voice Recognition, Noise Cancellation, 800×480 AMOLED Touchscreen, and a 5 MP Camera with LED Flash.

The cost for this service is another story—for a new model you’re looking at $800 in total, while to send in your existing Nexus One, ColorWare will charge $175 with both services taking around 3 weeks. Not as bad as we thought.

Images provided by Pocket-lint & Engadget