iPhone 4S listing appears in AT&T internal system


No one outside of Apple is really sure what’s going to happen with the next iPhone release, but boy are there rumors aplenty about what to expect. It’s going to be the iPhone 5. It’s going to be the iPhone 4S. It’s both, in two separate releases. It’s coming in early September, or late September, or early October, or sometime next year. Whatever the actual facts are, a newly revealed photo seems to indicate that the 4S (or 4s, as it appears in the image) will be our next iPhone.

The info comes from a screen capture taken off of AT&T‘s internal customer support system (via Engadget) which shows the “iPhone 4s White” listed among other, existing iPhones in a “Model Version” dropdown menu. It’s far from confirmation, but it’s more fuel for the fires of speculation.

If the iPhone 4s is indeed officially a thing, the information runs counter to what Apple fans learned last month from an anonymous source. According to that person, the “iPhone 4S” is really just an official nickname for the iPhone 5 that’s emerged because of how much the design of the upcoming release resembles that of the iPhone 4. This photo seems to indicate that the source’s information was inaccurate.