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iPhone OS 3.1.3 Update Now Available


It’s not exactly what we wanted, but Apple knows it’ll keep us satisfied for now. Apple released a software update for the iPhone and iPod touch—not 3.2, but the OS 3.1.3 update which supposedly patches up a couple of security flaws. The update should help with app crashes from maliciously crafted mp4 files, crashes from viewing maliciously crafted TIFF images, accessing maliciously crafted FTP servers, and it patches up a USB-related issue that could potentially grant access to data on locked iPhones.

The update should also improve battery level accuracy on the iPhone 3GS. Needless to say it’s a pretty useful update. This update is available to iPhone and iPod touch users that have already installed iPhone OS 3.1.2. The update is free and can be installed through iTunes when your iPhone or iPod touch—just connect up and let the updating begin.

Image provided by Engadget.

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