These blue-light blocking glasses are made to help screen-addicted night owls sleep better

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We’re all guilty of using our phones, tablets, or computers before sleeping. It’s always one last check of Facebook/Twitter/email, or whatever game is occupying our time at that moment. Except we’re told the blue light emitted by the screen isn’t conducive to falling asleep quickly, or for sleep to be restful. Spectacle manufacturer Jins knows we’re unlikely to stop this bad habit, and has come up with the Jins Screen Night glasses, which block some of that harmful light from entering our eyes.

How much? It filters out up to 60 percent of the nasty, problematic blue light, that’s supposed to stop our brains filling up with melatonin, so our bodies are better prepared for sleep. It’s not the first pair of blue light reducing glasses we’ve seen from Jins. Last year, it released the Jins Screen, a pair of everyday, fashionable glasses that blocked out 25 percent of blue light from digital displays.

The Jins Screen Night glasses are made for people who enjoy using a smart device or computer around bedtime. While some nighttime uses may be frivolous; watching Netflix, video chatting, or reading books on a phone are common ways to try and fall asleep — but the blue light that’s emitted may cancel out any relaxation benefits. Wearing Jins Screen Night is a potential solution to the problem.

Do they work? Jins says yes, and commissioned a report in 2015 that showed wearers spent less time falling asleep, and more time actually sleeping, than those people who didn’t. Not all blue light reducing glasses work in the same way either. For the Jins Screen, the lenses were tuned to remove a key blue light wavelength that’s produced primarily by mobile device screens, and is said to be the most disruptive to sleep.

The Jins Screen Night glasses are available with prescription or non-prescription lenses, with prices starting at $60 for the frames. They can be ordered online through Jins’s website here, or by visiting Jins’s retail stores in San Francisco, San Jose, or Los Angeles.