LG G Flex flexible screen phone may see international release after November debut

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Samsung may have beaten LG on to the market with a flexible screened smartphone, following the Galaxy Round’s release last week, but LG could still grab some of Samsung’s glory with its own curvy phone is released. According to Korean news source ETNews.com, LG wants to not only launch the so-called G Flex phone on three Korean networks next month, but also send it out to international markets too.

If LG can release its phone in the U.S. and Europe, it could reap the rewards from the coverage given to the Round. Samsung’s phone can’t be purchased anywhere except Korea, where it’s an exclusive to the local SK Telecom network, and there’s also no news on when, or even if, Samsung will put its phone on sale elsewhere in the future. It would also fit in with LG’s plans to give its hardware a wider release, something it has done with the LG G2.

We’re expecting the LG G Flex, which is just a codename at the moment, to have a top-to-bottom curved, 6-inch 1080p touchscreen, which according to sources speaking to ETNews, will give the impression of watching a television with a curved screen – which LG also produces – when turned on its side. A Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor could also be featured, along with LTE-A connectivity in Korea.

The report also goes on to talk about LG’s plans for Firefox OS. It has mentioned in the past a phone using Mozilla’s mobile operating system would be produced, and now it looks like we may see its launch next month. However, it’s expected to only be sold on Telefonica-owned networks in Central and South America. This strategy is similar to the ones employed for the ZTE Open and the Alcatel One Touch Fire.

Finally, ETNews’ sources say we can expect the LG-produced Nexus 5 to make its debut this month, something which has been discussed at length elsewhere. A November announcement for the LG G Flex has been rumored before, but sadly a more precise release date isn’t known yet.