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Logitech Crayon stylus for iPad is now available for pre-order

In March, Apple held an education-focused event in Chicago where the company introduced the Crayon — a third-party stylus created in partnership with Logitech for its 9.7-inch iPad. At launch, the cheaper alternative was only available for schools to purchase, but now it’s being sold to the public.

Logitech Crayon uses Apple Pencil technology. It doesn’t support pressure sensitivity, but it does include a smart tip to adjust line weight depending on how you angle the Crayon. It also offers palm rejection technology, so you don’t have to worry about your hand placement while taking notes or drawing on your iPad.

The Crayon is also geared towards children when it comes to both aesthetics and durability — a great alternative for when parents don’t want to risk handing over their expensive Apple Pencil. With a flat shaped design, it won’t roll off the desk or get lost under the couch whenever someone puts it down. It’s also durable enough to withstand drops of up to four feet, and its rubber end cap is attached to the stylus so you won’t have to worry about constantly losing it.

The stylus doesn’t require Bluetooth to pair with the iPad — it connects instantly by pressing the on button. As for battery life, Logitech’s stylus should provide up to seven hours of use on a single charge. To save battery, it’ll shut off automatically after a half hour without use. A two-minute charge will also give it up to 30 minutes of writing time, and you can charge it using the iPad’s lightning cable.

Rather than the $50 price tag listed for schools and school districts, the Crayon will be a little more expensive for everyone else — coming in at $70. But it’s still cheaper than the $100 you’d be paying for the Apple Pencil. As for availability, the stylus can be pre-ordered via Logitech’s website and will also be available through Apple retail stores starting September 12 — the same day as the company’s highly anticipated hardware event.

Before heading over to make your purchase, it’s important to note the Logitech Crayon is only compatible with the latest sixth-generation iPad. So, those who have older models of the iPad or the iPad Pro are out of luck.

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