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Logitech's new iPad keyboard and case has years of battery life

There are keyboard cases aplenty for iPad users looking for a more tactile experience when it comes to tapping out an email or typing up a document.

Logitech has been knocking out such accessories ever since Steve Jobs unveiled the first iteration of Apple’s tablet back in 2010, and the company’s latest model is designed specifically for the fifth-generation iPad released earlier this year.

The 1.54-pound, $99 Slim Folio keyboard offers an eye-catching design that brings to the table one particular standout feature that for some could be a deal maker: A whopping four years of battery life.

That’s right, thanks to Logitech’s decision to power it with coin cell batteries instead of a lithium-ion alternative, you won’t have to replace the batteries in this particular Bluetooth-enabled device for up to 1,460 days based on daily usage of about two hours. Just think how many iPads you might go through on a single charge of the Slim Folio.

The new keyboard boasts a “slim, light design” with “large, well-spaced keys stretched edge-to-edge” for easy typing, and includes a handy row of iOS shortcut keys that put a slew of iPad controls at your fingertips.

As you’d expect with a tablet keyboard like this, you can lock your iPad at an angle (the Slim Folio offers two) that suits you, while Logitech promises the case’s exterior prevents annoying slips on any surface.

When you close it, the device automatically switches off your iPad, while the case offers Apple’s tablet decent protection against knocks and scrapes when you’re carrying it around.

We can’t exactly recommend Logitech’s latest iPad keyboard without getting our maulers on it first, something we hope to do soon. In the meantime, if you’re interested in checking out the competition, take a look at Digital Trends’ recently updated pick of 20 other great keyboards for all iPads, from the Mini to the Pro.

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