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Microsoft issues first Windows Phone update

windows-phone-update-available-screenToday, Microsoft issued its first update to its new Windows Phone platform. No, it’s not the big update with copy/paste. That one is still coming in the first two weeks of March. This update, according to the official Windows Phone Blog, updates the update process itself, which should make future updates easier and more transparent.

Unlike Android updates, which are delivered over the air, you must connect your Windows Phone to your PC or Mac to download Microsoft’s latest update. The process is similar to how Apple pushes updates through its iTunes program. Make sure you have the newest version of Microsoft’s Zune software for your PC or you have a WP7 Connector for Mac before you attempt to start the process.

The update roll-out will be staggered throughout the day, so some users may receive it before others. For a complete history of updates, check out the new “update history” page for WP.

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