Microsoft Unveils Windows Mobile 6.5

Microsoft Unveils Windows Mobile 6.5

After months of silent toil in the kitchen, Microsoft is almost ready for users to dig into its latest iteration of Windows Mobile: version 6.5. At the first day of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Microsoft officially debuted the new operating system.

Among the new features Microsoft promises on Windows Mobile 6.5 are an updated graphical user interface that offers “dashboard-like experience to items such as new e-mails, texts, missed calls and calendar appointments.” It has also been tailored more toward operation with fingers, as opposed to previous versions which were originally built for use with a stylus. An updated version of Internet Explorer and built-in Flash player will also make it easier to browse the Web, and the new My Phone functionality shown last week will make it easier to backup data.

Microsoft partners LG and HTC also showcased phones that leverage the new OS. LG showed off its all-new LG-GM3700, and HTC showed off tweaked versions of the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro (dubbed the Diamond 2 and Pro 2) that will use Windows Mobile 6.5.

Though it was publicly unveiled at MWC, the new operating system remains in beta testing, and phones equipped with it won’t be appearing until the second half of 2009.

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