The best and most interesting mobile accessories at CES 2019

CES has always been a hotbed of awesome new tech, and you’ll find the adaptable smartphone as the foundation of much of it. CES 2019 has been no exception to that rule, and we’ve encountered some pretty cool mobile accessories in the last few days. Here are some of the most interesting mobile accessories we’ve come across at CES 2019.

Unravel triple fast wireless charger

Digging through wires to find the right one while travelling is such a chore. If your main devices are all QI-charging-compatible, wireless charging is a great answer, albeit one that comes with its own issues. Either you bring a wireless charger for each (meaning you take as many wires as you were hoping to avoid), or you make sure your devices can take turns. Unravel is offering a better solution — a triple wireless charger that folds down into a tiny travel package just a few inches across. It’s capable of fast charging three devices at once, or folding into a handy FaceTime-friendly wireless charging stand. It’s convenient, it’s portable, and it could be your new best friend.

IndieGoGo Kickstarter

iOttie Auto Sense Wireless Fast Charging Car Mount

Convenience is all about saving little bits of time here and there — and those little bits add up to big savings in the end. Wireless charging saves us small amounts of time by removing the need to find and plug in a cable — iOttie has taken that idea and improved it, resulting in the Auto Sense car mount. It’ll fast charge your phone wirelessly, but that’s not the coolest thing about it. When it detects your phone approaching, the Auto Sense mount will open up, then gently clamp its arms around it, securing your phone while it fast charges. Removing the need to tighten your phone into a mount and plug it in makes the whole experience more convenient and it has a satisfying futuristic feel.


Tech21 Evo Type keyboard case for the Pixel 3 XL

most interesting mobile accessories ces 2019 tech21 evo type2

Keyboard cases are old hat for tablets, but they’re rather less common for smartphones. But really, larger phones are approaching tablet size, so it makes sense to use that extra screen real estate for something useful. That’s where Tech21’s Pixel 3 XL keyboard case comes in. It’s a wallet case with Tech21’s usual excellent device protection, but also comes with a soft keyboard built into the wallet’s front cover — perfect for getting a little extra work done when you’re on the bus, or typing up your future best seller.


Chipolo Go tracker

most interesting mobile accessories ces 2019 chipolo go

Most Bluetooth trackers are heavily limited in range — but Chipolo’s Go tracker is getting ready to change that. The Chipolo Go is the first tracker to combine GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and LTE tech — meaning it has an essentially unlimited range. Combine that incredible technology with a rechargeable battery that lasts six months, and this may become the best tracking device available. Chipolo describes this as a “premium” tracking device though, so don’t expect it to come cheap.


Moshi Mythro C & Avanti C USB-C headphones

Not everything has to be a revolutionary piece of tech, there’s always room for refinement in existing tech. Seeing USB-C as the future, Moshi has gone hard into the futuristic port, offering the Mythro C — a set of USB-C in-ear earphones — and the Avanti C — a set of on-ear headphones with vegan leather earcups and an ergonomic headband.

Both come with an in-built DAC, a Class G amplifier, and 24-bit/96 kHz high-quality audio. Build quality is top-notch, too — the Mythro C is made from aluminum, while the Avanti C is made from solid stainless steel, with a rotatable headband and adjustable earphones. You’ll find 8 mm neodymium drivers in the Mythro C, while the Avanti C takes advantage of its larger size with 40 mm neodymium drivers that offer excellent sound quality and great noise isolation. The Mythro C is available now for $50, while the Avanti C will be available in late February for $200.

Mythro C

Anker PowerPort Atom & PowerCore+ 19000 PD Hybrid

While other companies may offer similar services, Anker has to be one of the kings of power delivery and recharging — and it has offered a bonanza at CES this year, bringing a veritable cornucopia of power bands, chargers, and other awesome accessories. But our highlights are easily the Powerport Atom and the PowerCore+ 19000 PD Hybrid. The Powerport Atom packs a frightening amount of recharging power into a tiny body, with a 30W recharging power that’s capable of powering up smartphones, tablets, MacBooks, and even the Nintendo Switch — all while being inside a body smaller than most smartphone chargers. It’ll be available in late January.

The PowerCore+ 19000 PD Hybrid is no less mighty. As the name suggests, it packs a huge capacity of 19,200mAh — enough to charge the iPhone 8 fully 6 times, or fully charge a MacBook Pro once. It can deliver a powerful 27W charge, making it possible to charge laptops, and it comes with three ports for multiple charging. It can even switch on Hub Mode, which lets you sync data and use USB peripherals on the go as a USB hub.


49101 Changer

Bluetooth headphones are great — but having to recharge that battery can be mightily inconvenient at times. 49101 is blowing that wide open with the Changer headphones — a set of Bluetooth headphones with the ability to recharge itself — or connect other devices — by becoming its own cable. Unplug the headphones from the neck cable and you’ll find a USB connection that can be used for recharging. If your phone is in danger of giving up the ghost, the other side of the headphones contains a multi-functional connector for MicroUSB, USB-C, or Lightning connections. You can even connect two smartphones to allow one to charge from the other, allowing you to borrow or loan power as and when it’s needed.


LynQ Tracker

Love to go on an adventure into the wilderness, explore new cities, or simply adore shopping in huge and sprawling malls? You’ve probably experienced the horror of losing a partner and then struggling to find them again, navigating yourselves through annoying “I’m outside Old Navy, no not THAT one” phone calls. Wouldn’t it be easier to have a device that just … pointed at the other person? Then point yourself at the LynQ Tracker.

With the capability of linking up to 12 people who are up to a distance of 3 miles apart, LynQ uses no phone app, plan, or subscription. Instead, the compass-like screen simply points at the other users in your group, and displays how far away they are. Worried about getting completely lost? Set a home base to meet up at if it all goes wrong, and the LynQ will guide you back there if needed. Especially useful for weekend explorers, or guardians with vulnerable dependents, LynQ will be available in the second quarter of 2019, with a two pack starting from $209.


Moshi SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount with Wireless Charging for iPhone

Mobile accessories should make your life more convenient, and wireless charging is some of the most convenient tech around. Simply plop your phone down on a pad, and it’ll charge up the battery without having to fumble with wires. Now you can have that convenience in your car alongside an easy magnetic mount. Designed to work exclusively with Moshi’s Altra, iGlaze, and Vesta iPhone cases, the metal used for magnetic mounting would normally block wireless charging, but Moshi has arranged the magnets around the wireless coils to prevent this from happening, helping to bring two exceptionally convenient technologies together. The SnapTo Magnetic Car Mount with Wireless Charging for iPhone will be available in mid-April from $60.


Mophie Powerstation PD and PD XL

most interesting mobile accessories ces 2019 mophie powerstation pd 1

Do you have a need for speed? Fast charging at home is all very well and good — but being tethered to a power bank while out and about is even worse. Say goodbye to charging anxiety with the new super-fast charging Mophie Powerstations. It comes in two flavors: The Powerstation PD, which comes with a 6,700mAh capacity, and a Powerstation PD XL, which has a 10,050mAh capacity. Regardless of the size you pick you’ll enjoy the same high charging speed, and Mophie claims both will be able to top fast-charging iPhones up to 50 percent in just 30 minutes. They come with two USB-A ports so you can charge two devices at once, and they even recharge fast with a 15W SUB-C connection. Interested? You can pick up the Powerstation PD for $60, and the PD XL for $80.

Powerstation PD Powerstation PD XL

Nomadplug travel adapter

Something of a country-hopper? You likely have to carry around a host of travel adapters, or plan ahead to make sure you’ve got everything you need to simply charge your phone in another country. Cut down on the hassle with Nomadplug’s travel adapter. While universal adapters aren’t that new, this is the first to support plugs in all 195 countries around the world. It’s lightweight and stylish, and it even packs an in-built 5,000mAh powerbank, so your phone won’t cut out while travelling. Handy if you go on foreign holidays and near-essential if you’re a world traveler, the humble Nomadplug could soon become a common sight.


Otterbox Otter + Pop

Popsockets were the mobile accessory trend that no one saw coming. Simple, cheap, and extremely useful, the humble Popsocket became a common sight on phones everywhere. Now, you can get all the advantages of Popsockets with the protection of an Otterbox case. This is the Otter + Pop — an Otterbox Symmetry case with a built-in Popsocket. The Popsocket sits flush with the case when not in use, and can even be swapped out for another if you fancy a change of style. The case comes in three colors and will cost $50, while replacement Popsockets will cost $8.

Otterbox Popsockets


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