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Turn any old Android into your Android with Google’s #myAndroid site

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You may have bought the same phone as a few hundred thousand other people (or a few million), but that doesn’t mean you’re anything like them. And Google wants to help you prove it.

This weekend, the tech giant and phone maker launched a new tool to help you turn any old Android into your Android. The #myAndroid website promises to help make your handset truly your own, “from the way it looks to the way it works.”

To get started in the customization process, Android invites you to take the #myAndroid Taste Test, a series of questions designed to understand you, your tastes, and your needs. Asking users to “tap first, think later,” Google hopes that you’ll answer these questions in rapid fire so as to be as honest as possible. You’ll be asked about your preferences when it comes to a multicolor or monochromatic palette, organic or geometric shapes, and even how you like your sandwiches sliced.

The ultimate goal is to help you customize your phone with new wallpapers, icon packs, and more.

The quiz, which is actually quite long, spanning between 10 and 15 questions, gets into the weeds when it comes to not only your design aesthetic but also how you actually use your phone. Are you more of a gamer or a worker? Looking for more information or to look cooler? A new Android user or a veteran of the OS? Based on your answer, Google has something different for you.

Once you’ve finished the test, you’ll be presented with a series of suggestions for your icons, your launcher, your wallpaper, and even your keyboard. And if you’re not satisfied with the results, you’re welcome to take the test again and again and again until you’ve finally landed on the Android that truly feels like home.

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