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MyZone’s virtual fitness classes will make you part of the workout action

You’re peddling away on your stationary bike at home, getting the miles under your wheels until your reach your goal. Not the most exciting situation. Fitness app MyZone has a new feature to could change that. It’s called MyZone Movies, and it brings an entire library of virtual sports classes, events, and races into your living room. Add this to MyZone’s clever way of matching and challenging your friends, regardless of ability, and your at-home workout is about to get considerably more involving.

There are 500 movies in MyZone’s collection, covering everything from cycling events to yoga classes, and even martial arts. Each film is streamed through the app, and can be sent to the big screen using Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or another screen-sharing system. The clever part is, each video comes with its own workout, with targets to meet and intensity levels to maintain. It makes you part of the action, while pushing you to work harder.

MyZone’s workout plans are simple to follow. Tiles displayed next to the video are color coded, based on how hard you need to work at a particular point in the workout. Your targets are personal, and created around your own ability, allowing you to compete against all your friends regardless of fitness level. The app also lets you send messages and share photos with friends, increasing the social aspect.

While MyZone Movies has huge potential for people who workout at home, it’ll be introduced in gyms first, where the videos will be played on a big screen, and the challenges become more social and interactive. This will launch on March 8, and the home version inside the MyZone app will arrive before summer. It’s going to require a subscription, and although the price hasn’t been finalised yet, we’re told it’ll be less than $10 per month. This will provide complete access to all the videos, workouts, and additional premium features inside the normal, free-to-download MyZone app.

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