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MyZone’s new fitness app lets everyone compete together, regardless of ability

MyZone has announced a new version of its fitness tracking and coaching app, which significantly improves the user interface, making it more intuitive and easy to use. There are also new social sharing features to increase motivation, and connectivity with music apps — so you spend less time looking at the app, and more time concentrating on your actual workout.

A major part of MyZone’s appeal is its motivational point system, and how it levels the fitness playing field, making the goals it sets achievable based on personal effort and your own fitness. Everyone’s different, so the amount of effort your friend puts into running a mile will be different to yours; MyZone lets you compete together, and provides results that can be accurately compared.

MyZone’s goal is to get people moving. It almost doesn’t care what or how you get out and about, just that you do. The points gained reward longevity, the effort-based tracking makes goals achievable, and it’s possible to compare and challenge anyone no matter their ability of yours.

The app automatically connect to the MZ-3 heart rate belt if you have one, giving a more complete view of your workout, without having to mess with Bluetooth settings. However, it’ll also operate with other fitness apps including Strava and Endomondo, plus there’s also an Apple Watch app.

Handily, it streams music during your workout, and has a chat feature. When it comes to music streaming services, MyZone connects to Apple Music, Google’s Play Music, and Spotify, so you don’t have to leave the app at all. The chat section is similar to WhatsApp, so you can chat away with others who are doing the same training program or in the same sports team or club.

MyZone has been making a number of headlines of late, including having partnered with Sensoria, a smart garment company that makes workout clothes. The partnership has already seen a smart bra launched earlier this year, and now the company has a smart t-shirt for men. Both integrate the MyZone tracker into compression fitness wear, ready to get the best out of the MyZone app.

The newly updated app is almost ready for release, and the iOS version is due in about two weeks, with the Android edition to follow a week later.

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