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New Droid Ad Throws More Punches at iPhone

Droid-doesDroid Does” it again. Verizon hasn’t been shy about its recent accomplishments—boasting its new handsets, displaying slanderous coverage maps—and we must admit we’ve been enjoying the theatrics. Sure, we feel bad for the iPhone, but entertainment is entertainment– and this new Verizon Droid commercial is truly enjoyable. It’s like watching the rascally kid in class throw paper airplanes at the teacher—you kind of feel bad and know it’s wrong, but that’s not quite enough to stop you from snickering as you watch the antics unravel.

In this new Droid commercial, obviously referencing the iPhone, it asks “Should it [your phone] be a tiara-wearing digitally clueless beauty pageant queen?” I think we know Droid’s answer to that one. Check out the robotphone’s new commercial.

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