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Nomad Base One charges your iPhone in style with MagSafe

Nomad has launched a new Base One charger for the iPhone. It is a stylish combination of metal and glass that looks elegant on a desk. The Nomad Base One is quite heavy so it rests well on the desk and doesn’t come up with the iPhone when you try to remove it from the charger (something that happens with the Apple MagSafe puck). It is priced at $130 and is available on the Nomad website. You can get the 30W Nomad power adapter for half the price if you order it with the new accessory.

The new Nomad Base One charger comes in two color options: Silver and carbide gray. I’ve been using the latter, and it goes well with my desk. Aside from the MagSafe area, it is covered in glass on the top, which gives it a premium feel. The top has a glossy finish, and it weighs 515 grams (just over a pound). The weight helps it stay put on the table even when you are fiddling with your iPhone to take it off the charger. It has a USB-C port and is designed to look great on your desk, your nightstand, or as a living room accessory. The Carbide Gray color option looks better since it reflects when light falls on the surface, which makes it look cool.

Nomad Base One charger sitting on a brown table.

The Nomad Base One works with a wall adapter of at least 30W, so your usual 5W Apple adapter won’t be able to take the load of this stylish accessory. If you are looking to get a 30W wall adapter, Nomad will be selling theirs for half the price with the Base One, meaning that it will be available for $15 rather than $30. You get a Nylon braided cable in the box alongside the charger itself. It is also MFi certified, which means it has the required technical specifications and resources needed to communicate with Apple devices.

Nomad began as a Kickstarter project in 2012 has quickly emerged as a go-to option for Apple users for all kinds of accessories — including Apple Watch bands, iPhone MagSafe chargers, braided cables, and more. The new Base One charger is compatible with the iPhones that support MagSafe, which means the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series.

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