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The OnePlus 13 may one-up the Galaxy S24 and iPhone 15. Here’s how

OnePlus 12 Glacial White color held in hand against its red box.
Tushar Mehta / Digital Trends

The OnePlus 13 has gotten another tantalizing set of leaks — including one thing that may give it a significant edge against the Samsung Galaxy S24 and iPhone 15. The latest news comes from Digital Chat Station (DCS) on Weibo, which posted that the OnePlus 13 will have IP69 water- and dustproofing.

This is a notch above the IP68 you get with most flagship phones and a big step above the IP65 that came on the OnePlus 12, which meant that it wasn’t rated to survive a dunk in water. An IP69 rating means that the OnePlus 13 will be one of the most durable phones on the market, and it’s certified to survive high-pressure and high-temperature water jets.

DCS also revealed various specs of the OnePlus 13, some of which are already known, like the rumor about a flat screen, and some that are new. Keep in mind that this text is translated from Chinese to English, so there may be some errors and odd wording, but it does line up with most of the previous leaks we’ve gotten.

“Snapdragon 8G4 new machine focuses on balance, 2K and other deep micro curved straight screen, new silicon super large battery + 100-watt flash charging with wireless charging, 50Mp+50Mp+50Mp 3X periscope Hasselblad triple camera, single-point ultrasonic fingerprint, super-large X-axis motor, IP68/69 dustproof and waterproof.”

The OnePlus 12's screen.
Andy Boxall / Digital Trends

Notable here is the mention of wireless charging. Previous rumors from DCS suggested that the OnePlus 13, like the OnePlus 11, would not come with wireless charging. That was always a bit of an unusual rumor since the OnePlus 12 did notably include wireless charging, so OnePlus would have to go out of its way to remove it for the OnePlus 13 — perhaps to accommodate the new super large battery, which may potentially be as big as 6,000mAh.

Fortunately, it seems that’s not the case, and the OnePlus 13 will have the feature while still keeping the bigger battery, once again putting it on par with other flagship phones like the Galaxy S24 and iPhone 15. Other specs include the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 processor, a 2K screen, 100W fast wired charging, a 50MP triple rear Hasselblad camera array, and an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

With the OnePlus 13 release expected to come at the end of this year or early next year, we still have many months to go before any of this is confirmed. In the meantime, we’re sure to get more leaks.

Ajay Kumar
Freelance Writer, Mobile
Ajay has worked in tech journalism for more than a decade as a reporter, analyst, and editor.
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